Dade County 2013 Transportation Summit – June 6th

Open to the public:

2013 Transportation Summit

In an effort to begin to chart the course of future transit development beyond the Orange Line, the Citizens’ Independent Transportation Trust (CITT) will be hosting a Summit in June 6, 2013 which will bring together major stakeholders, agencies, community and select national experts.

The Summit will feature a Community Visioning Forum to engage the public and obtain public input on the future of transit development in Miami-Dade County. This event marks the “first step” in the process of engaging stakeholders and the community in charting the course of future transit development. Follow-up events will be held to continue refining the direction of future transit development in Miami-Dade County.

Includes breakout sessions on Innovative Financing, Mode Technology, Public-Private Partnerships, Corridor Development and culminating with an interactive Community Visioning Forum.

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