Dade Politician Wants Chinese Consulate In Miami

Dade commissioner Juan Zapata has introduced a resolution directing County staff to develop a plan to establish a Chinese Consulate-General in Miami.

Zapata’s resolution cites ‘significant burden and hardship on Miami-Dade County residents to obtain a visa’, which is required for U.S. citizens to visit China.

China has requested permission to add additional consulates in the U.S. but has been blocked by the feds. A congressional committee has directed the State Department to block any new Chinese consulates until the Chinese government permits a U.S. consulate in Lhasa, Tibet.


(photo: flickr:  Peter_Mackey)

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1 year 4 months ago

Why is this commissioner Juan Zapata wasting workers time and our money on something that they have no control over? THis is clearly at the federal level that I don’t think they will care what he thinks/asks for. Let’s get a commissioner in there that uses his staff’s time efficiently.

1 year 4 months ago

This guy has a very good idea. I support locating a Chinese consulate in Miami not because it is so difficult to get a Chinese visa( its not that hard, plenty of companies do it in the Houston consulate, which covers Florida) but because it would encourage Chinese tourism and investment in Miami. I have many Chinese friends and non of them know where Miami is. They all know New York and Los Angeles but Miami is unknown. If there was a consulate here it would certainly attract tourist( Chinese tourist spend the most of any tourist when they travel)… Read more »