830 Brickell, With Plans For A Ricardo Bofill Condo Tower, Is Up For Sale

Ugo Colombo and Vladislav Doronin have decided to flip land in Brickell where they were considering building a condo tower.

The property is next to Related Group’s SLS Lux project and across from Brickell City Centre. Colombo’s CMC Group had placed signs on the property advertising a 70-story ‘ultra luxury’ tower, in what some observers had said was an attempt to hurt sales at SLS Lux.

Marketing material for 830 Brickell, as the property is being called by brokers, shows that CMC had hired Catalonian architect Ricardo Bofill Leví to design the condo tower. Those plans have not been approved by the city.

Colombo and Doronin paid a total of $28.5 million for the .8-acre property. The purchase included the former Beacon at Brickell property out of bankruptcy in 2013 for $21.5 million, along with the neighboring Chicken Kitchen property for $7 million.

If sold, the pair will likely turn a nice profit. The listing broker told The Real Deal that he believes the land to be valued between $55 million to $65 million per acre.


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11 Comments on "830 Brickell, With Plans For A Ricardo Bofill Condo Tower, Is Up For Sale"

8 hours 28 minutes ago

Good news for SLS lux…for now

7 hours 23 minutes ago

Would like to see a tower with a Spire instead of a Thin Cereal Box

6 hours 41 minutes ago

Brickell high-end residental construction has reached it’s peak. Brickell Flatiron will never happen.

5 hours 9 minutes ago

And my friends is the first REAL sign we have reached a PEAK in this current Real Estate cycle. We’re at the TOP of the of the cycle and there’s no where to go but DOWN.

4 hours 42 minutes ago

Plenty people have thought this about the stock market for at least a year. How’s that going for them?

If anything, this is a sign the market is self-regulating and not getting too big for its britches. This cycle has already shown plenty signs that it’s much healthier and sustainable than anything this city has seen so far, and this looks like another one of those. Real markets have ebbs and flows…

4 hours 19 minutes ago

Good to hear from an optimist. The only thing I say is it’s a real shame this building is not going up as it’s a beautiful design and something different than what Architectonica is producing…

4 hours 34 minutes ago

In old, established cities real estate cycles last 80-120 years. In young, boom-bust, go-go ones like Miami RE cycle usually endures for 15-30 yrs. You get all weak in the knees after 5 years. LOL.

4 hours 23 minutes ago

Colombo should put Flatiron here and watch sales take off. This is a much better location with superior views to accompany his high end designs. He should sell off that Flatiron land to another investor who doesn’t have an ultra luxury reputation to keep up with. The Flatiron lot is not a luxury location because of the wall of towers that will soon exist there with Bond, Avenue 1060/1050, and 1010 Brickell.

1 hour 54 minutes ago

…and don’t forget Panorama directly on the other side of 1060/1050 will block even the highest floors in Flatiron, including the rooftop pool. You can say these projects “aren’t selling views” but for the prices they are asking they will need amenities AND views

4 hours 11 minutes ago

Let’s build an office building in this site instead.

2 hours 33 minutes ago

Neither SLS Lux nor Flatiron are selling view, their sell’s point is based on location or proximity to BCC. It is true the market is stabilizing and sells today have more of a ‘normal pace’, but I believe the major reason they are selling is because they have an opportunity to make a quick and very nice profit, and maybe the partnership between the two developers doesn’t seem to be a lasting one.
It would make a lot of sense that Swire or even Related would buy the site; after all if BBC ends up being a success from the retail point of you, they could definitely expand carrying the same bridge idea. And for Related it is one of the few developers that can have a piece of land for a couple of years and just wait for the next cycle.