Brickell City Centre Was ‘Inadvertently’ Built Into County Property, Swire Says

Swire Properties claims that they ‘inadvertently’ overbuilt Brickell City Centre into Metromover land, and are offering to pay rent for it.

According to a memo signed by Dade’s deputy mayor, Swire built the development an extra 2,200-square-feet into county land. To compensate, they have come to an agreement with officials to pay an additional $635,040 in rent, bringing Swire’s total rent payment to $1.7 million.

The land is not encumbered by a Metromover guideway or station, but Swire was to maintain it as part of an agreement with the county for the renovation and integration of the nearby Metromover station. Instead of maintenance, the developer now wants to rent it.

Federal Transit Administration approval of the revised lease has already been granted, and county commissioners are scheduled to vote on the new deal this month.

Arquitectonica is the project architect.



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4 Comments on "Brickell City Centre Was ‘Inadvertently’ Built Into County Property, Swire Says"

9 hours 20 minutes ago

Was there not any county oversight during the many months of construction? I suppose it is not that big of a deal, but it is the principle that is irksome. Our local governments seem to constantly give large developers anything they want.

8 hours 23 minutes ago

$635k for 2,200 sf of land is extremely fair

5 hours 57 minutes ago

Why did Swire even integrate a station into Brickell City Centre? The Metromover should be disassembled and replaced with an expandable streetcar/light rail system with a public-private partnership. The viaducts have completely overshadowed certain streets and make any potential revitalization impossible.

5 hours 25 minutes ago

Where is the Metro Mover hindering revitalization.