Construction Crews At The Resorts World Site Might Be Building A Seawall

Don’t get excited – those cranes on the former Miami Herald site aren’t working on a foundation for Resorts World Miami.

Instead, they are possibly rebuilding a seawall behind the property, or the site could be being used as a staging area for the Venetian Causeway construction project.

Genting, the tight-lipped owner of the property, hasn’t announced anything recently. Workers queried at the job site were unable to provide a coherent response to TNM.

Genting filed construction permits to rebuild the seawall earlier this month.

Also this month, Dade’s Property Appraiser filed a lawsuit against Genting again over the assessed value of the Resorts World property. It is the second time that the property appraiser has taken such action.


an ominous sky hangs over cranes at the resorts world site

resorts world

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3 Comments on "Construction Crews At The Resorts World Site Might Be Building A Seawall"

1 hour 12 minutes ago

Any news with Resorts World Miami?

46 minutes 43 seconds ago

I live right across the street in the venetia…..don’t think this is genting…..think this is just staging for causeway repair….hate to say it but kind of giving up hope on genting….but would love to see something spectacular announced by someone soon….

30 minutes 27 seconds ago

I’m sick of Genting, such a disappointment with this saga.