Court Rules In Favor Of Midtown Walmart, But Activists Say They Will Appeal

A three judge panel ruled in favor of Walmart opening a new store in Midtown, but opponents vow to appeal again.

Walmart had reduced the number of loading berths at the store from five to three following another court decision last year, but Walmart foes wanted the city to go through a second public hearing process for the already approved design. The court ruled that a second hearing wasn’t required.

Walmart has already closed on the purchase of the land. Opponents, who frequently criticize Walmart’s treatment of employees on social media, say they will file an appeal of the latest ruling ‘with more legal help this time.’


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20 Comments on "Court Rules In Favor Of Midtown Walmart, But Activists Say They Will Appeal"

1 day 8 hours ago

Your wasting your time and money this is walmart there is no more legal action you can take that will change anything. Your few thousand dollars vs their billion dollars they can afford to go to war with you its a losing battle so just let it go.

1 day 7 hours ago

please, let it be built once and for all, if you don’t want to shop at Walmart don’t go there , but let other people to have an option.

1 day 7 hours ago

Have an option? There’s a Target right there, along with plenty other retail.

1 day 6 hours ago

You can’t compare Target prices to Walmart’s. We need the super market from Walmart. Everybody knows how expensive is Publix, Target is better but still not close to Walmart prices. Many residents of the are really hoping this Walmart gets built… we really support it.

1 day 4 hours ago

What area? As a resident of Midtown proper, this is a frequent topic of discussion…and not a single actual resident supports it, as far as I know.

2 hours 45 minutes ago

the area from edgewater to design district.. not just midtown and i know several people in midtown that want the Walmart build

Cindy M.
1 day 6 hours ago

I really hope it gets built soon, very soon. Our only grocery shopping option is the extremely expensive Publix or drive far to a Walmart. This is important for the area.

Juan D
2 hours 41 minutes ago

Agree… ! me too!

1 day 5 hours ago

How does anyone renting or owning in this expensive neighborhood need the cheap food prices of Walmart? You have numerous Publix stores nearby (how is Publix expensive???), a weekend farmer’s market up the street (Legion Park) and some discount supermarkets (Price Choice at 19th and NE 2nd Ave – cheaper than Walmart) also near. There is also now an Aldis at around 110 and Biscayne – cheaper than Walmart. I don’t get why people spending upwards of $2K a month for a tiny condo this size of a closet or millions for nearby houses need a Walmart to buy food????? You’ve shoved out all the low to moderate income people to gentrify the neighborhood, now you are so poor you need a Walmart to afford food?

2 hours 41 minutes ago

Wrong! none of them are cheaper than walmart.. and yes, Publix is very expensive… i have compared prices where Publix charges twice than walmart in many products.. WE WANT WALMART in the area!! Many residents do!

Carlos A.
1 day 5 hours ago

Why appealing again? Come on! We want this Walmart in Midtown now!

1 day 1 hour ago

No we don’t, go live in north or west dade if you want one.

1 day 2 hours ago

Traffic is bad enough now and I can’t imagine how it’s going to get if there’s a 24hr Walmart at Miami and 29th. 36th and Biscayne as well as at North Miami is a nightmare now. It’s going to be bad

1 day 10 minutes ago

Ouch, very sad for midtown… my heart goes out to all the poor folk having to go through this traumatic experience/downgrade… well, as the saying goes, “there goes the neighborhood”

21 hours 17 minutes ago

Make them pay a fee to pay for a mover extension and alleviate traffic he he

12 hours 4 minutes ago

whats the drama??? Midtown is not Rodeo Drive…just take a look at the store selection…Walmart fits perfectly there!!!

2 hours 39 minutes ago

exactly… midtown is just a nice area…. nothing exclusive!

11 hours 51 minutes ago

im so sick of people appose to thise, you have a huge outdoor mall already with a Target, who the F cares , there is no Walmart in that area and walmart has already invaded urban cores in New York, LA, ETC….

What is everyone so scared of? that your going to shop thier instead of a a local little market or farmers market? as a resident of downtown me and many others tend to go the winn – dixie out by the hospitals to avoid Publix costs.

Also to the folks that complain why if we live in expesive apartments do we need cheap food? you don’t become rich and live in nice places blowing your money at publix for 6.99 for a pound of ground beef when Walmart has it for 3.49.

9 hours 31 minutes ago

I think that whole area north of the PetSmart currently filled with nothing but warehouses should become the Big Box shopping area of Miami. I say bring Brandsmart, Ikea, WalMart, Sam’s club, Beth Bath and Beyond, etc, etc. And extend the Metromover there too. Miami needs it.

9 hours 22 minutes ago

People saw some documentary on YouTube and all of a sudden become activists. Are people really so naive to believe that Walmart is alone in their practices? Mind you, they have changed some of their operations due to all of the heat that has come up against them, which no one acknowledges. Walmart is #1 in companies that underpay their employees. “Targé” is right behind them at #3, yet they are heralded as economic saviors, based solely on the fact that they have good branding and don’t have negative associations with poverty like Walmart is. Goes to show how pretentious and naive people really are.