Demolition Is Underway At The Empire World Towers Site

Demolition has commenced at the Empire World Towers site at 330 Biscayne Boulevard.

An 11-story office building with 132,409 square feet of interior space is being torn down. It has been vacant for years.

Records show that a permit for interior demolition has been approved, while a permit for total demolition is pending.

Developer PMG bought the property late last year for $80 million. They plan to announce a signature condo tower for the site in early 2016. A separate, 464-unit rental building called Vice is planned at the rear of the property

A third, 77-story tower called the World Trade Center of the Americas has also been proposed on the same block. A Holiday Inn remains in operation on that property.

Construction on Vice will begin by the end of 2015.


(330 biscayne/photo via allen morris)

part of what is coming soon:

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4 Comments on "Demolition Is Underway At The Empire World Towers Site"

4 hours 29 minutes ago

Yes to a signature condo tower. This site deserves nothing less.

2 hours 38 minutes ago

So you don’t think that this site would’ve been better served by putting another park there?

2 hours 26 minutes ago

its too much of a prime real estate site for a park., i use to have to look a this building from Everglades on the bay, glad its gone,

58 minutes 37 seconds ago

I agree! Why don’t we ever hear of developers spending $80MM to donate a park??? The city gives so much to developers its about time developers gave back to the city!