Developer Wants To Build Zaha Hadid Parking Garage, But Commissioners Want Cheap Parking

A developer is proposing a public-private partnership with the city of Miami Beach to build Zaha Hadid’s Collins Park parking garage, but city commissioners have asked for other proposals which could see the design scrapped altogether.

In a letter sent to the city, developer Seth Gadinsky and Glenn Boyer wrote that they would be able to partially finance and build the garage as designed by Hadid, provided that the city turn over the property to them as a ground lease. They said that they could break ground in 2016 and complete construction in 2018, when they would operate the garage privately.

At a meeting yesterday, city commissioners said that they preferred the garage remain public, with lower parking costs to the public. Instead of accepting the unsolicited proposal, they instructed the city manager to prepare an RFP for private developers to build a garage for the city on the site. Those proposals will likely include designs that are far less costly to build than the Zaha Hadid design.


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3 Comments on "Developer Wants To Build Zaha Hadid Parking Garage, But Commissioners Want Cheap Parking"

15 hours 19 minutes ago

wow, since Levine took office , he is scraping every nice project in the city, shame on him!!!

12 hours 51 minutes ago

I know how important it is to save money but damn it cost money to have something beautiful and not look so cheap. In the end if your going to have it anyway at least put the money into it to make it beautiful and last for many years to come. The convention center should have been amazing but no they didnt want to spend the money now we get a crappy watered down ugly design.This garage design is one of the most attractive ive seen for a parking garage but here we go again could be shelved for a cheap route eye sore.

12 hours 39 minutes ago

we will never compete with first class cities with this cheap ass attitude. Other cities build what they want and money is not an issue when your trying to impress your visitors but Miami loves the cheap shit