Fifteen Group Revises Plan For 38-Story Tower Above Historic Church, Wants To Sell TDRs

Developer Fifteen Group has submitted revised plans for a project at 1836 Biscayne to make it more appealing to preservation officials, as well as make the project more economically viable.

Plans call for a 38-story tower with 352 residential units and 637 parking spaces above the historic First Church of Christ at 1836 Biscayne Boulevard. The auditorium would be open to the public and either become a grocer or retail store. An similar design was already approved earlier this year.

Changes were made to the parking garage, in response to comments from members of the Historic & Environmental Preservation Board who had expressed about the massing of the garage and light pollution from cars inside.

Other changes include the scope of demolition of the historic church. An earlier proposal had called for the 19th street facade of the church to be altered, but the alterations will instead be made to the west facade, which Miami’s Preservation Office supports since it is out of public view.

The developer is also requesting that the building be declared historic which would allow them to sell 2 million square feet of TDRs. Those rights could be worth nearly $20 million, and could be sold even if the residential tower isn’t built.

Miami’s Preservation Office is recommending approval of the plan, and the Historic & Environmental Preservation Board will review it this week.


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11 Comments on "Fifteen Group Revises Plan For 38-Story Tower Above Historic Church, Wants To Sell TDRs"

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22 minutes 42 seconds ago

Repugnant!!! They should do ultra-modern minimalistic building in order to create some interesting juxtaposition with the historic building.

22 minutes 23 seconds ago

I am afraid the church will end up being a CVS or a Walgreens.

22 minutes 18 seconds ago

That was a beautiful church

19 minutes 38 seconds ago

Does anyone know who the architect is?

4 minutes 13 seconds ago

look at the titleblock

19 minutes 2 seconds ago

Hopefully, some really nice billionaire would buy this perfect church and preserve it, so it won’t get destroyed like this. This makes no sense to me. It is ugly and almost disrespectful.

6 minutes ago

It is simply ridiculous how Miami lacks architecture with character. We didn’t inherent enough old building and when they find one, instead of celebrating it, they dwarf it with a monstrosity on top. What is the Historic Board doing????

3 minutes 26 seconds ago

Do you guys remenber the Arquitectonica Option, it was sooooo much better

2 minutes 31 seconds ago

wasn’t the first building better looking?