Kodsi: Worldcenter To Break Ground In The First Week Of August

Miami Worldcenter will break ground in about a month, according to a person familiar with the project.

Michael Light, a broker, said that demolition is at the site is expected to begin within two weeks. Construction will get underway in the first week of August, he said, citing a conversation with Dan Kodsi, the developer of the Paramount condo tower at the project.

In recent days, crews have been installing temporary fencing at the site, while removing asphalt from the surface parking lots that will become the project site.



activity at the job site:

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7 Comments on "Kodsi: Worldcenter To Break Ground In The First Week Of August"

11 hours 15 minutes ago

So awesome!!!

9 hours 42 minutes ago

Hold up, waitaminute, that date has to be postponed because I haven’t thought of a reason to sue them yet.

6 hours 40 minutes ago

You can always make something up on your way to the court

9 hours 16 minutes ago


7 hours 33 minutes ago


6 hours 39 minutes ago

I love the sound of demolition in the morning…

4 hours 29 minutes ago

With AAF nearby, this is going to be one awsome place. Apartment living in ths project and near it will be extremely sort after.

And people said Centro won’t make it….we’ll see.