Miami Beach Convention Center Groundbreaking Set For Next Month

A groundbreaking ceremony for a renovation and expansion of the Miami Beach Convention Center is set for October, according to the project website.

Full construction of the project’s first phase will begin in December.

The existing 1.2 million square foot center will be expanded in size to 1.4 million square feet. A surface parking lot across the street will be replaced with a public park, and the parking spaces will be relocated.

A convention center hotel may also be included, but it is opposed by the hotel industry and needs to pass a referendum. Jonah Wolfson, who took funding from the Fontainebelau and helped kill the previous Koolhaas-designed convention center and hotel project, said today that he thinks that hotel has no chance of passing.

Arquitectonica is designing the facade. Just one contractor, Clark Construction, bid on the project.




scrapped koolhaas plan:

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4 Comments on "Miami Beach Convention Center Groundbreaking Set For Next Month"

1 hour 37 minutes ago

Old design looked better.

Yet Another Anonymous
1 hour 32 minutes ago

..took money.. Killed.. .one bidder. This all sounds so bad.

18 minutes 30 seconds ago

Whats with all the pools and foliage on top of the parking garage across from the city building? Is that actually happening or just there to sell the project?

14 minutes 19 seconds ago

does this affect the car show? which is the only reason i go there anyway