Miami Innovation Tower Could Be Break Ground In Less Than A Year

Construction on the Miami Innovation Tower could be underway by this time next year.

Developer Michael Simkins told a local news outlet that he intends to break ground on the project by May of 2016. Construction on an office building would begin 18 months later, while an apartment project would break ground a year after that.

The Innovation Tower is a key component of the Miami Innovation District, which aims to attract tech companies to a nearly 10-acre area of Park West. Simkins told Local10 that the district ‘as we currently have it, would not work’ without the Innovation Tower.

Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado, whose daughter is running for Dade County mayor, opposes the exterior advertising on the project. He has said that he will introduce legislation next month to block the illuminated mesh skin of the tower.


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18 Comments on "Miami Innovation Tower Could Be Break Ground In Less Than A Year"

21 hours 45 minutes ago

Ms Regalado should move to Montana. I really think she should be involved in a village of no more than 200 inhabitants.

21 hours 40 minutes ago

This is besides Skyrise, one of the most promising projects to transform downtown into a vibrant, illuminated city and Ms. Regalado is opposed? Where is her sense of urban design and dynamism? We should all oppose her. Just the mention of her name gives me the creeps. Please ban her

3 hours 24 minutes ago

How does building big towers, heavily subsidized by the tax payers, with little intrinsic economic purpose, accomplish anything for downtown? Little more than flash in the pan.

21 hours 39 minutes ago

We are all doomed if Regalado is elected

21 hours 13 seconds ago

Miami mayor Thomas Reglado said that he would introduce legislation to block the illuminated mesh skin of the tower” WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

19 hours 29 minutes ago

Them Regalados ARE NOT GOOD for Miami future get rid of them boOo booo

19 hours 9 minutes ago

I dont really like the thought of a huge advertisement building….but realy Reglado’s daughter is a moron. We should not be a mayor of any city she shouldn’t be allowed to govern anything bigger than a condo association. She is nuts and cynical at that.

18 hours 18 minutes ago

typos all over the place, sorry, She shouldn’t be the mayor of any major city and should not be allowed to govern anything more than a condo association*.

17 hours 33 minutes ago

condo association board?! hell naaaaaw!!!

18 hours 59 minutes ago

Ms. Regalado is also against getting TriRail to downtown siting already to the Airport Station being good enough. Short Sighted is her middle name.

14 hours 48 minutes ago

So sad to see these would-be leaders do everything in their power to stifle innovation and big thinking. It is almost as if they don’t want Miami to prosper. Say what you will about the architecture of Skyrise or the mesh skin of this tower (though I love the freshness of it personally), but they are projects that take a chance and in the process make Miami a more dynamic and interesting place. If we all have to approve of every architectural design of each and every building that is built, we will have a vertical version of Weston not a city. Do you think the bold designs of Chicago a century ago were universally loved? Hell no. I don’t even think the city should have a say.. If we stifle innovation, we stifle the very life blood of the city. I will never vote for either Regelado or any other of the Braman proxies.

14 hours 38 minutes ago

It’s ironic to think her (Regalado) whole platform is to bring high paying jobs to Miami. Does she for one minute think that by blocking these high tech, urban progress projects is the way to go? It just makes me laugh. I will do all in my power to campaign against her. She should have no saying in anything related to urban renewal. The sound of her name signals incompetence.

13 hours 24 minutes ago

Her idea of bringing in high paying jobs is the mega mall in west dade.

13 hours 45 minutes ago

Is everyone who comments on here a shill for Sarnoff? Or are he, the wifey and a few of their “consultants” doing the commenting?

4 hours 29 minutes ago

Or how about no to both of them. No to nepotism

Just say no
12 hours 3 minutes ago

LED billboards are illegal in Miami-Dade County. Isn’t that a hurdle?

11 hours 19 minutes ago

regaled the father was for the advertising towers in the omni area right by the performing arts center and now he is against this project. he says its different but all it is that his daughter is running for MDC mayor and i guess her campaign is to oppose everything and file law suits she is becoming the candidate of no!!!!!!!!

1 hour 47 minutes ago

There is already an electronic billboard in front of AA Arena that run adds, a few more along I-95 & I think also 836. Not sure how much of this will be visible within downtown & if the amount of light emitted will bother neighbors at night?