Miami Residential Towers Could Be Built With 50 Percent Less Parking Under New Proposal

Developers in Miami may soon be able to build apartments with even less parking.

Miami’s Planning Board is set to vote on a plan tomorrow that will allow new multifamily projects to be built with reduced or waived parking requirements.

Large-scale residential projects that are near a Metrorail or Metromover station are currently able to obtain a 30 percent reduction in parking requirements of 1.5 spaces per unit. If the new rules are approved, developers will be able to obtain a 50 percent reduction by paying into a city transit fund.

For small-scale projects (under 10,000 square feet) a handful of projects in limited areas will be able to build without any parking at all by paying into the fund. The exemption applies only to projects that are near a Metrorail, Metromover or high-frequency bus or trolley stop, and are not in a single or duplex family home neighborhood.

Backers of the proposal say that waiving parking requirements for smaller projects could help to promote a new walkable urbanism, while encouraging urban infill in areas such as Little Havana.

Details on the Transit Trust fund, including possible uses, were not provided in board agenda documents.


limited waiver area:

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3 Comments on "Miami Residential Towers Could Be Built With 50 Percent Less Parking Under New Proposal"

1 hour 38 minutes ago

It’d be nice to have a project in the plan/design stage for how these new funds would be spent. The DOT and city transit fund finds new ways to collect revenue without putting out anything.

Yet Another Anonymous
1 hour 28 minutes ago

The thing is to make them want to do it it will have to be significantly less money than the parking would cost and at that price its not going to fund anything major. Not against this at all but it seems almost like just an excuse to give people exceptions if they pay you.

1 hour 25 minutes ago

problem i have that 70% of people that live in downtown do not work in downtown, downtown has not brought in big corporations the suburbs have. so if you want people to live work and play like in New York you need to have more companies moving in.