Nine New Towers To Form Tech-Focused Miami Innovation District In Park West

Michael Simkins is planning a nine-tower project in Park West that could help spark Miami’s nascent tech industry, according to the Herald.

Simkins aims to establish a technology park in the neighborhood, and has had discussions with ‘top 10′ tech companies to help create it. The plan includes cutting edge architecture, with SHoP Architects of Brooklyn overseeing design.

The district would be built on about ten acres that Simkins has bought just north of the Worldcenter project and the NAP of the Americas, where about 90% of data traffic from Central and South America passes through. He has submitted a Special Area Plan for the project, which meets the nine-acre SAP requirement under Miami 21.

About half the space in the district would be devoted to office space, with 40% devoted to residential use and 10% to retail. The residential space would include smaller apartments geared towards millenials.

If approved, the district would also include the 633-foot Miami Innovation Tower at 1031 NW First Ave., designed to display media and advertising information. It would cost $200 million, and include an observation deck, restaurants, and an indoor garden.

Miami commissioners deferred a vote yesterday on a covenant between the developer and the CRA to permit construction of the tower. Commissioners and lawyers for the developer decided that it might be possible for the tower to be approved without a vote, leading to the deferral.

(photo:david smiley)


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  1. suomynona

    April 28, 2015 at 2:09 pm

    Much needed. And even more reason for Beckham to build his stadium just west of this project in those mostly empty Overtown lots.

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