North Miami Is Getting One Of The Largest Swimming Pools In The World

Two of the biggest swimming pools in the world are being built in North Miami.

SoLeMia, the multi-billion dollar project that is currently under construction, will include two 10-acre lagoons on a site that was formerly a toxic waste dump. Those lagoons are actually swimming pools, Curbed wrote.

Guinness World Records says that the largest swimming pool in the world is at the San Alfanso Del Mar Resort in Chile, measuring 20 acres. That pool was built by the same company that is building SoLeMia’s lagoons.

SoLeMia won’t take the record, however, since the two 10-acre lagoons will be separate.

Crystal Lagoons, which is providing the technology, says that salt and brackish water can be used in their pools. Their technology allows for less than 1% of the chemicals in a normal pool, 2% of the energy used by a conventional pool’s filter, and loses less water to evaporation than would be required to irrigate a park of the same size.

A newly released site plan shows that SoLeMia’s retail portion will look more like a suburban strip mall than the walkable ‘New Urbanism’ project once proposed there. Plans include a bowling alley, cinema, sporting goods store, hotel, and car dealership, surrounded by acres of surface parking.





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14 Comments on "North Miami Is Getting One Of The Largest Swimming Pools In The World"

1 day 7 hours ago

Kinda sad that its a giant sea of parking but fits right in with aventura/ nmb

1 day 6 hours ago

Complete joke. Want to ruin a soon to be urban area and dig into a beautiful park too? Well here you go! Sprawling surface parking and a Metropica like open mall, all next to the water!? This is an outlet mall with some projects. The towers don’t even connect to the retail- its across the huge parking lot. No retail at the base of the towers or anything. Terrible design. A blend of suburbia with old Miami towers lacking retail and foot traffic all in one. This is something that urban 21st century Miamians should be opposing. Support our parks and enough with the old outlet/strip center mall designs

1 day 4 hours ago

Wasn’t this a toxic contanimated site that sat vacant for many many decades? This place is basically suburbia and the developers designed it exactly the way it should be. There is still tons of park space there and in reality the park space there now will be getting way more visitors than it does now when this project is built.

1 day 1 hour ago

Ok. Firstly I don’t think you can point to any park that has done better after several towers and a mall is built on park land. Secondly, the EPA and North Miami have cleaned up and closed the toxic landfill. Oleta river park is the largest piece of undeveloped land left in all of southeast Florida, with a mangrove preservation on the site. Building this sprawling mess is going to be the final dagger to the heart for the park.

But I understand that this area can’t slow down just for the park—my real problem is the design/parking. Really? The developers designed it as they should? Its this lack of foresight which has caused Miami so many problems in the past. In 5-10 years this place won’t be suburbia any more. Then we’re stuck with a big ol’ surface parking lot. Not to mention, who wants a view of surface parking to a mall?

Its one thing to build towers and urbanize the place, I get it. But ruining a park AND an urban area by developing this spilling mess is a double NO.

22 hours 42 minutes ago

Yeah, those careless shortsighted developers, how dare they not consult YOU on how their project should be designed. The UDRB, the Zoning Department, Miami’s Planning Board, Miami Commissioners, the CIA, the FBI, NSA, Homeland Security, The Federal Government, Men from Mars, etc etc etc….are all culpable in letting this travesty happen to this once, and now pristine, toxic waste site and park (that very, very few if anyone, actually stepped foot in for at least 45 years)…right?

9 hours 30 minutes ago

You are correct, they don’t have to consult with anyone. That said, it is a crappy design. They are building condos and a strip mall, while the rest of the county and urban areas are integrating. This design feels like the 80s.

7 hours 56 minutes ago

No need to get snarky. No one said they should be consulting any contributors on this site. But your blind following of the Miami developers- whom you obviously think are infallible- is pretty ignorant

5 hours 14 minutes ago

It seems like some people in Miami have this propensity to just whine about everything without doing any research before they start criticizing. If you think that this is the first and only design plans that were submitted by these developers and BAM, instant approval, then you have never took any time to read anything about this project before now. And that certainly is being “pretty ignorant.”

3 hours 57 minutes ago

No one ever said that. We’re arguing about the current design we have on hand.

2 hours 14 minutes ago

That is the design that finally got approved after they were told to go back to drawing board over and over by the city’s review and approval departments.

Shessh dude, you want orange juice from an onion.

12 hours 54 minutes ago

It’s not being built on state park land.

1 day 4 hours ago

“Formerly a Toxic Waste Dumb”

22 hours 51 minutes ago

This is good for this part of Miami I believe will be next in line for a lot of development. I’m tired of hearing about parks on this site who really cares about a park? Exactly nobody. I would honestly say a render a lot of times looks so nice and gets you excited but im not excited about this project. To have an estimated price tag of 4 BILLION! Dollars Damn thats a lot of money but I dont see 4 BILLION dollars here. It honestly looks like a few million dollars nothing here gives me a reason to live here. Maybe with better renders or a video Would help but all I see here are basic buildings, landscape, parking spaces really? 4 BILLION for parking spaces and not free parking garages? That would have give you plenty more room to build something else. I tell you whoever ghdy paid to build this project is laughing all the way to the bank because it is far from being a 4 BILLION worth of development I doubt they will see a 4 BILLION dollar return on this investment in there lifetime maybe the grandkids.

3 hours 48 minutes ago

It would be cool if they designed one of the pools to be a wave garden