Panorama Tower At 1101 Brickell Adds More Units

Tibor Hollo is planning to build more units at Panorama Tower.

The tower, which is planned to be built behind the 1101 Brickell office tower owned by Hollo’s Florida East Coast Realty, will now include 821 residential units and 128 hotel units, an increase of 96 units compared to a 2012 approval. The footprint and envelope of the building is not being modified, but FECR is decreasing the number of three-bedroom units in favor of more two bedrooms.

According to plans reviewed by exMiami, the new proposal is set to include 488 one bedroom units, 267 two-bedrooms, and 66 three-bedrooms, along with 128 hotel rooms. Also included in the project is 82,581 square feet of retail, 38,873 square feet of new office space and 1,162 new parking spaces. Total new construction is 1,301,400 square feet.

1101 Brickell’s residential tower was originally approve for a Major Use Special Permit in 2006 when it was owned by Leviev Boymelgreen. In 2009, Tibor Hollo purchased the 3 acre property and office building for just $33 million, and submitted a redesigned tower that was approved by the city in 2011. In 2012, the FAA required that the height of the proposed tower be reduced by 19 feet, from 849 feet to 830 feet (or 822 feet above ground level).

The project architect is  Moshe Cosicher, FECR’s in-house architect who replaced Kobi Karp on the project.


  1. Adriana Duarte

    February 9, 2014 at 11:00 pm

    Quisiera confirmar si panorama tower es un proyecto elegible para EB5.

  2. Judith Morillo

    December 15, 2014 at 1:25 pm

    buenas tardes

    quisiera saber si uds. tienen aprtamentos para venta, o son todos de renta.
    tengo un cliente interesado para comprar en ese lugar.


    Judith Morillo
    el. 786-226-5482

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