PMG Wants Empire World Towers MUSP Modified To Build Vice Apartments

Next week, Miami’s Urban Development Review Board will review plans by developer PMG to build an apartment tower called Vice.

PMG is seeking to modify the Empire World Towers MUSP, which was originally approved for the site in 2008. At the time, plans called for twin-tower project with 93 stories each.

Under PMG’s revised plan, Vice will include 464 units in a 31-story, 354-foot tower at 243 NE 3rd Street.  A 670 space parking garage will be adorned with an art installation by artist Javier Martin. Total FLR is proposed at 705,750 square feet.

A second tower that will be located on the Biscayne Boulevard side of the property hasn’t been submitted for review yet. That tower will be built as condos, and exceed 1,000-feet in height, according to an application to the FAA.


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8 Comments on "PMG Wants Empire World Towers MUSP Modified To Build Vice Apartments"

Yet Another Anonymous
10 hours 20 minutes ago

And both these towers are separate from the WTC Miami building?

9 hours 49 minutes ago


8 hours 38 minutes ago

The potential supertall list keeps growing, if they are all built, our skyline will graduate to a higher rank closer to the league of Chicago and New York and leave most other big US cities behind.

Yet Another Anonymous
2 hours 45 minutes ago

Here’s how I look at it. If Miami built all the legitimate supertall proposals active right now, it would have more than any other US city, let alone by roof Height. However by the time they would all be built realistically new York will have several more.

2 hours 35 minutes ago

Yes. But waiting to finally hear the news of one of these supertalls breaking ground is so fustrating for us.

6 hours 31 minutes ago

Weren’t these to be small rentals?

6 hours 21 minutes ago

Yeah, if you take the total FLR (705,750 sf) and subtract out a reasonable amount for the garage 270k (670 x 400sf) and that leaves about 435k sf. Take 85% of that to account for hallways, elevators, lobby, amenities, etc and your left with 350k. Divide that by 464 units and you have an average unit size of 750 sf, so definitely smaller than average.

2 hours 24 minutes ago

Why are we always being teased with awsome structures like Empire World Towers, only to have our excitement dashed like someone taking candy away from a baby?