Office And Rental Towers Above MiamiCentral Set For Review

All Aboard Florida submitted long-awaited plans to the county yesterday for three ‘overbuild’ towers that will rise above the under-construction MiamiCentral project.

Plans call for two residential towers, each about 500 feet tall, along with a shorter office tower. In total, 800 rental units are planned in the first phase, along with about 200,000 square feet of office.

A robotic parking garage is planned below the towers, above the train station and retail space.

NBWW is the architect of the residential towers, while SOM designed the office towers. Zyscovich is an associate architect for all three towers.

Approval by a Dade zoning board is required, but the City of Miami won’t need to review the plans.





Floor plans:

Project summary:



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19 Comments on "Office And Rental Towers Above MiamiCentral Set For Review"

1 day 8 hours ago

For what it’s worth, these towers are unimpressive. The whole thing looks like a 1950s urban renewal development. NBWW and SOM were the architects for the Fontainebleau Tresor Tower and Southeast Financial Center respectively, but it’s like most their recent work is mediocre. I bet Zyscovich insisted on boxes.

1 day 7 hours ago

Plans say SOM ans Zyscovich… not NBWW.

1 day 5 hours ago


Nothing like this has ever been done in Miami and all you’re concerned about is how “cute” these rental towers aren’t in your opinion.-

13 hours 16 minutes ago

Neven been done before? Please tell me you knew downtown had a station, tracks, and FEC passenger service until the 1960s.

10 hours 12 minutes ago

I think he’s referring to having rental towers built upon an already elevated train station in downtown Miami.

6 hours 57 minutes ago

O’wow, someone had to really explain that to him. He belted out that statement as if the train station in the1940’s and 50’s was built EXACTLY like what AAF is planning on building today.

2 hours 46 minutes ago

If he’s referring to having rental towers built upon an already elevated train station having never been done in Miami, it indeed hasn’t. But what’s his point? It’s been done elsewhere in this globalized modern world of engineering marvels. While I’m no engineer, I can assure you building anything but a box will not cause the entire lot to spontaneously combust.

Also, the old depot was built in 1912. The renders do look like some conceptual project from the 1940s and 50s, and I don’t exactly mean that in a positive way.

1 day 3 hours ago

This project is going take downtown Miami to depths that can now only be imagined.

14 hours 35 minutes ago

Remarkable project; unremarkable architecture. The scope and importance of this project makes the relative blandness of the architecture all the more confusing. Maybe it’s for logistical or practical reasons. In the end, the connectivity and development this adds downtown easily overshadows any shortcoming on aesthetics. I just wish it did both.

8 hours 15 minutes ago

You make a great point, although none of us wanted a boondoggle like the Calatrava station in New York -as amazing as it will be when finished- I think that all of us wanted a captivating design that made Miami proud. Unfortunately, the station itself is just ok, it accomplishes its purpose, but it is bland and lacks any iconic characteristics. We all understand the limitations finances pose in this city, we cannot allow ourselves to subsidize lavish billion dollar projects like Qatar or UAE with oil revenues and slave like labor, but Miami does deserve a better station, worthy of such a unique and iconic city. As for the residential towers, they are just bad. Ditch the generic white tower with balconies look, do an all glass tower with a unique design, a round tower? Something that actually looks like it belongs with the station.

6 hours 45 minutes ago

Look, you can’t ask for towers done in “all glass” and expect rental prices to stay within reach for the average Miamian…it just can’t happen. Iconic architecture requires substantial bank accounts to design, build, buy, or rent, not your “run of the mill” paycheck.

12 hours 14 minutes ago

Completely uninspired disconnected floating towers on podiums. Yeah it has to be a podium of some sort because of the station but they could be integrated somehow. A lot of the new built environment in Miami is done cheaply, like the endless painted CBS towers, and this is no exception. Look at any new train station in Europe. It’s embarrassing and demeans Miami and the concept of transit.

11 hours 49 minutes ago

Agree with you 100%

10 hours 35 minutes ago

Europe is a great example. Just came from there and most of the stations, both old and new, are stunning. Miami is too young to settle in on an architectural style. A lot of these buildings going up are indistinguishable. You’d think that building something unique would be a selling point.

9 hours 55 minutes ago

What you fail to understand is that transportation buildings in Europe are all public building created by governments that have much larger construction cost that the public funds. These governments build enormous public works and citizens pay for it from their much higher taxed incomes than Americans. AAF is a private development that get subsidies and tax breaks. The result will always be compromised design solutions. The french have a culture of spending over the top for public buildings that date back centuries. Lets remember that Versailles was public money. They are proud of their public buildings and see them more as monuments to their culture. We are far more practical and the private entreprise has a different mind set. I would rather live here but go there to visit and marvel at their monuments.

8 hours 42 minutes ago

You made an interesting point and I have to agree with you, but it is sad that mostly everything is getting built is banal and most of the designs are undeniably not timeless. It just would be nice to see more world class buildings, parks, and boulevards in Miami.

7 hours 6 minutes ago

The grand old train stations in Europe were constructed when railways were privately-owned. When the government nationalized them, many like Euston Station in London were demolished and replaced with a large concrete bunker. I’m not sure if it was value engineering, but it certainly was in fashion fifty years ago.

While I’m not too familiar with new stations and find newer European architecture to be rather dubious, Crossrail at Canary Wharf is a stunning example of how amazing architecture can come to be when the public and private sectors work together. With MiamiCentral being such and even though the American public sector commissions less impressive buildings across the board than the hit-or-miss private sector these days, I wish the architecture would change considerably. It should cause little to no delay in its opening, which will evidently be delayed further by external factors.

6 hours 31 minutes ago

I, for one, don’t see anything wrong architectually with this project. Miami has to build with so many factors in mind. What may look “bland” to some, is probably most practical for the environment of South Florida. Remember, none of us are there when considerations are taken for what’s best for the final makeup of these towers.

2 hours 16 minutes ago

What factors? What considerations? A top-down approach with no citizen participation concerning what MiamiCentral will end up like, rather some people that none of us know making the “best” decisions that we should 100% support because they’re right?