Unity On The Bay Buyer Will Have To Wait 24 Months To Develop

Unity on the Bay’s Edgwater property will be a bit more difficult sell to developers than previously reported.

The church is hoping to move to a less expensive site further inland, but hasn’t lined anything up yet. Any buyer of the 2-acre property will be required to wait 18-24 months before developing the property.

Part of the building also dates back to 1919, although numerous historic Edgewater properties have been demolished recently without any opposition from preservationists.

Last week, the broker scheduled a call for offers on October 21, with an asking price of $40 million. The listing broker claimed that he set the date because ‘we’ve had a lot of groups interested and we wanted to put an end to it.’




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The old portion of the church, built in in 1919, would make a cool and unique first floor for a large tower. I hope it can be incorporated into the development.