Viñoly’s One River Point Gets FAA Approval, Will Launch Sales On September 10

One River Point was approved this week by the FAA and will launch sales within two weeks.

Uruguayan architect Rafael Viñoly’s design for the twin towers calls for a height of 928 feet above ground, or 933 feet above sea level. That is taller than any other completed or under-construction residential tower in Miami.

Developers told Argentina’s Infobae that worldwide sales will launch on September 10, 2015 at a real estate showcase in Shanghai, with other events planned in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Prices will range from $850,000 to $12 million.

Completion is scheduled for mid-2018.


Presentation from developer Alphaterra Partners:


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8 Comments on "Viñoly’s One River Point Gets FAA Approval, Will Launch Sales On September 10"

20 hours 15 minutes ago


Danny Costa
20 hours 12 minutes ago

The FAA has been a lot nicer lately!!!

15 hours 10 minutes ago

Is this really going to get built? Seems too good to be true.

14 hours 6 minutes ago

This won’t get built and completely over priced for Brickell. They will get a reality check.

13 hours 26 minutes ago

Amusing…someone who does’nt know that the now so called “Brickell area” actually begins on the south side of the Miami river, knows that this project “won’t get buil.”

13 hours 43 minutes ago

Nice design

11 hours 26 minutes ago

Project will never happen, cannot build twin 900+ foot towers by mid 2018 especially if they haven’t broken ground yet. If they are going to China to launch they really do not understand the Miami market, sounds like another carpetbagger developer who landed in Miami to late in the cycle, good luck

1 hour 26 minutes ago

Launching in a billion-strong cash rich market is sensible. Sounds like you’ve got other issues.