Walmart Gets Approved For Demolition Permit In Midtown Miami, Construction Permit Pending

Walmart appears to be moving forward with plans to build a store in Midtown Miami, despite a pending court case challenging city approval of the store.

The company applied for a phased construction permit to build a foundation last week, city records show. Also last week, the city granted approval for a demolition permit for the site.

A case is pending before the Third District Court of Appeals that challenges city approval of the store. The two activists behind the appeal say that they have managed to delay the store for four years now.


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8 Comments on "Walmart Gets Approved For Demolition Permit In Midtown Miami, Construction Permit Pending"

Yet Another Anonymous
3 hours 40 minutes ago

I forgot what’s there that needs to be demolished.

3 hours 12 minutes ago

I think there’s a garage at 29th and Miami.

3 hours 37 minutes ago

Have to say that people fought WalMart and almost won. David vs goliath.

2 hours 38 minutes ago

With Target, Ross, and now Walmart, I hope we will see even more businesses coming to Midtown. It would be great to have a Brandsmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, Lowe’s and maybe even an Ikea in the not too distant future.

2 hours 29 minutes ago

Can’t tell if you are being sarcastic

2 hours 4 minutes ago

I agree, Midtown needs to be more like anytown usa.

48 minutes 51 seconds ago

can’t wait to see where all the cars are going to park

27 minutes 54 seconds ago

FInally, so sick of all the haters complaining when they have a target on the other block