Work Finally Beginning On Theater And Restaurant At Met Square

Construction activity appears to be underway at Met Square, where a movie theater, restaurants, and apartment tower will be built.

MDM, the developer, filed a Notice of Commencement last week. The filing, signed for by Luis Pulenta of MDM, says that piling and excavation work is beginning.

Work had been delayed by an archaeological excavation at the site (a lawsuit by a UM archaeologist against the city over approval of the project remains pending.)

The first phase includes a movie theater and restaurants. Silverspot will operate the cinema, and has said that it will open in Fall of 2016. Ocean Bank issued a $42 million construction loan for the first phase earlier this year.

In the second phase, ZOM will build a 392-unit apartment tower that rises 43 stories.

Suffolk Construction is the contractor. NBWW is the architect.


Construction activity at the site today:


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Yes!! I can almost smell the popcorn!!

14 hours 27 minutes ago

Can’t wait!

10 hours 4 minutes ago

The good precedent with Met Square is that preserving some things and building over and around shows a way out of an impasse between archeology preservationists and developers. It needn’t be a zero-sum game and shouldn’t stop construction (like what happened with the Miami Circle many moons ago) in Miami. It might also work with, some would say, obstinate individuals like the owner of the Well of Ancient Mysteries.