Soccer Club Is Born: Miami Beckham United Could Be New Name (Updated)

Miami’s high profile new MLS club may already have a name, exMiami has learned.

On Monday, Simon Fuller’s XIX Entertainment registered Miami Beckham United LLC as the name of a Florida company managed by Beckham Brands Limited.  Also this week, the domain name was registered, and a lobbyist registered with Dade County under the Miami Beckham United name.

David Beckham is partnering with Fuller, Marcelo Claure and LeBron James on the team. Beckham rose to fame while playing for Manchester United.

Update: Beckham publicist Simon Oliveira tells Metro that there is ‘no truth’ in the above report.


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Mr. Gumsandals

That’s a mouthful of a name. How about just Miami United? Kinda like the way it implies we as a community are one and not a bunch of separate ethnicities who don’t share a common language, have not cut ties with allegiance to their homeland, and are competing against each other for a piece of the pie. I think people who love soccer will know Beckham is behind the team; having his name included as part of the team name seems superfluous, i.e. the New York Ruth Yankees.


The DC team is already the United.
Do we need 2?


There can be more than one. Look at the EPL, you’ve got multiple United’s


FC Miami