55 Acre Heritage Trail Planned Under Elevated Signature Bridge

Downtown Miami could soon be getting a 1.2-mile long community space called Heritage Trail underneath I-395.

According to the winning proposal for the Signature Bridge selected by FDOT last week, a 55-acre space will be created. The new trail will “stitch” together the surrounding communities that were once divided by the construction of I-395 and I-95.

The bridge will be elevated up to 44 feet higher than the minimum requested by FDOT in order to create an open area underneath.

Some of the features along the 1.2-mile trail will include:

  • Several multi-purpose plazas, with sculptures and artwork and amphitheater
  • Interactive fountains and water features
  • An urban Tropical Rockwood Hammock forest
  • Market plaza with food and craft spaces and music performances
  • Pedestrian Bridge to connect across railroad tracks
  • Dog park, playground, multi-use courts, and outdoor training equipment

Construction is expected to begin in late 2017, barring any delay caused by a bid protest.

PlusUrbia Design created the plans for Heritage Trail.