1 Hotel Opens In South Beach Next Week With Sky-High Rates (And Possibly A Bee Farm)

1 Hotel South Beach is set to open next week (March 23.)

The eco-friendly hotel is accepting reservations beginning on that date, although they are requiring a minimum three night stay due to high demand created by spring break. Rates for the week start at $1,498 per night, with a $25 resort fee.

Barry Sternlicht, the creator of the brand, told the New York Times earlier this month that the hotel chain’s properties would have bee farms, overseen by a director of ecological impact.

Food at the resort will be farm-to-table and mostly locally sourced. One of the restaurateurs said that he hopes to find a local supplier for lionfish, with the goal of killing off the invasive species.


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6 years ago

Isn’t all food from farms?

6 years ago

“Rates for the week start at $1,498 per night, with a $25 resort fee.”

$25 resort fee?

Ok look, I was alright with the $1,498 per night room rate but that exorbitant $25 resort fee just killed any chance of me ever renting a room in this place.

6 years ago

I agree with you the resort fee is not reasonable. It is money in the pocket.

6 years ago

The price is for this reason:
100$ hotel room price per night
1398$ medical fees for bee stings!!!
25$ Benadryl or Calamine Lotion

If you pay 1500 $ a night for a hotel room you need to eat “farm food” because you probably have the same IQ of a cow or a mule!!!

Possible the hotel will be use to have the family members or friends of the people that bought a condo for 6,000$ sq foot at the Faena building next to the Hotel

6 years ago

“requiring a minimum three night stay due to high demand created by spring break”……what college kid is paying $1500/night??….the first red flag w/this place.

6 years ago

Every hotel requires a 3 night stay in high season. I have worked in hotels all my life and this is absolutely normal.

6 years ago

Price has to make up for the tens of millions over budget and two year construction lateness.

6 years ago

Obviously all you turds are just upset you can’t afford to stay at such a nice place.. You think they’re going to make it cost efficient for people who don’t achieve anything but employee of the month at their 9-5? Yes all food is from farms, mostly chemical and hormone pumped farms. There’s a reason why people eat local and it’s not because we think we’re better than everyone else, we just know better.