100 Airlines Now Fly To MIA – More Than Any Other U.S. Airport

There are now 100 airlines operating at Miami International Airport – a number which surpasses all other U.S. airports.

Last week alone, the airport added two new carriers. On Tuesday, Finnair landed at MIA with a nonstop flight from Helsinki, becoming the 99th airline at the airport. Finnair’s A340 service to Helsinki will be seasonal, but will be extended to begin in October next year.

On Saturday, Frontier Airlines began operating at MIA for the first time, becoming the 100th carrier. The airline flies to Denver, New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and Chicago O’Hare from MIA.

In total, eight new air carriers were added at MIA in 2014.

Eastern Air Lines is planning to begin service at the airport in 2015, pending regulatory approval. The airline’s first plane landed at MIA this week.


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6 years ago

Maybe Cubana will begin service soon!

6 years ago

May be will be named CObama since his administration has made everything easy for the Castro Dictators

6 years ago

And Cuba is yet to take off, we will see more. let us show them what they can become when they don’t have the Castro dynasty ruling their lives. Is true that the President didn’t even procure one concession for the Cuban people and he gave the Castro’s everything they wanted. Let the people of Cuba see what they have been missing for 56 years, let them see what they can become. Then we will see.

6 years ago

since 1975 they (Cuban people) know “what they can become when they don’t have the Castro Dynasty ruling their lives” since 1975 Canadians and Europeans tourist are going to Cuba and also people from Miami and nothing have changed. More tourist will bring more money to the Dictators but not going to change the status of the Cubans. Humans rights and freedom of expression is not going to come with the dollars this government is going to pour in the Castro pockets

6 years ago

Yeah and one concession President Obama didn’t procure is an Expidition Clause with Cuba and in not getting that this country is missing out on the round up and bringing back to the USA all those Cuban medicare and medicade fraudsters who robbed the taxpayers of this country out of hundreds of million of dollars and fled back to Cuba.

6 years ago


I meant – “Extradition Clause” not Expidition.

kputin santa
6 years ago

“May be will be named CObama since his administration has made everything easy for the Castro Dictators” how about china and iraq, forget you

6 years ago

I’ll be in line with you at Cubana, but I’d rather catch them from PBIA…They flew there until Castro took over…

6 years ago

Hoping for Emirates to start MIA!

Miami Metropolitan
6 years ago

Me too!