100 Las Olas, Already Set To Become Fort Lauderdale’s Tallest, Gets Approval To Add Lightning Rod At 515 Feet

100 Las Olas received approved today from the Federal Aviation Administration to go a bit taller, but the extra height will only be used to install a lightning rod.

The newest approval from the FAA allows for a structure height of 515 feet above ground, or 519 feet above sea level. It is an increase of 20 feet compared to the 2015 FAA approval for the project, which was for a height of 495 feet above ground, or 499 feet above sea level.

A spokesperson for the project said the actual building height would reach 499 feet and 10 inches above ground, with the extra height to be used for a lightning rod.

Either way, it will become the tallest building in Fort Lauderdale. It would also come close to matching the tallest building in Broward, which according to Emporis is the 505-foot Beach Club Phase II in Hallandale  (Emporis is frequently inaccurate).

Construction at 100 Las Olas is now at level 41 of 46.

100 Las Olas will include a 238-room Hyatt Centric hotel on the lower levels and 113 condos on level 16 to 46.

Top off is scheduled before the end of 2018.



Progress as of September 2018: