1,000-Foot Cranes Approved At Cipriani Construction Site In Brickell

The Federal Aviation Administration has approved the heights of several tower cranes planned at the 80-story Cipriani Residences construction site in Brickell.

The first crane is now approved to reach a height of 1000 feet above ground, or 1003 feet above sea level.

The second crane is approved to reach a height of 980 feet above ground, or 983 feet above sea level.

The permanent height of tower is planned at 940 feet above ground, or 950 feet feet above sea level.

A phased foundation permit was approved for the property on April 12, after a site work permit was approved last June.

A groundbreaking ceremony was held in February.

Two additional towers are also planned on the property, at 50 and 60 stories. The developer has previously said those towers, planned as rental apartments, would rise at the same time as the taller condo tower.

Completion of Cipriani Residences is planned in 2028.


(images: Mast Capital)