1,200 Rental Apartments Planned At S&S Diner Site

A twin-tower project called Miami 18 is in the planning stages at the S&S Diner site by Israeli and Chinese developers.

The developers completed the purchase of the property on June 1 for $36 million. ASRR of Israel, CNMB International of China, and G-Resources of Hong Kong each own a third.

According to documents filed with the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (first reported by The Real Deal), the project is expected to include:

  • Two towers, rising 60 and 40 stories
  • 1.7 million square feet of space
  • 1,200 rental apartment units (some workforce housing)
  • 500 hotel rooms
  • 350,000 square feet of rental office space
  • 25,000 square feet of retail

ASRR’s share price has risen over 30% in Israel in the past year.


the padel courts are excluded from the land assemblage: