1212 Lincoln Road ‘Glass Prism’ Coming To South Beach

Crescent Heights is planning a hotel, retail, and parking project on the corner of Alton Road and Lincoln Road.

In total, there will be 44,938 square feet of hotel space, 92,725 square feet of retail space, and 447 parking spaces. Architect Perkins +Will describes the design:

1212 Lincoln Road is a mixed-use project at the corner of Alton Road and the internationally renowned Lincoln Road Mall in Miami Beach. The mixed –use complex consists of a 100-room boutique hotel, a European-style market, high-end retail and a 450-car parking structure. The design of the project aims to continue the sophisticated contemporary design palette that characterizes Lincoln Road. The market will be unique for Florida, containing both fresh produce and an assortment of exotic eateries. The hotel is conceived as a glass prism which anchors this important intersection, becoming both a marker for the entry to Miami Beach through Alton Road and a termination point for the newly redesigned Lincoln Road.

Plans were approved by Miami Beach’s Design Review Board earlier this month, according to The Real Deal. The project will be built in three phases, with parking and a food court in the first phase, and a luxury hotel in the second phase.



to be demolished:

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It’d be nice if they preserve the mosaic murals at the current Wells Fargo bank. Surely they can find a space for them within the new market area?

Otherwise, a nice activation for the less-traveled side of the intersection.


agree with you 100%


I agree with your agreement 100%.


I agree with your agreement of their agreement 100%.


YES PLEASE!!!! I love that mosaic. It would be a shame to see it go all together…


I like the scale, and fits right in with Lincoln Rd.


The mosaics are nice, they should find a place for it, if not in the new building perhaps in a park. I remember reading somewhere the story of the artist who created it. I believe he was Cuban and after coming to Miami he conceived of this work as an homage to the United States. And looking at it it does read as a “greatest hits” of the USA.

The new building will be very sweet, nice bookend to Lincoln Road. Now if only they could clean up the Washington Ave, side.


I always thought it’s a better fit for a high school or maybe some sort of government center.


First design was so stately and handsome.




lincoln road……blah blah blah


Thanks for your constructive comment. You’ve added so much to this conversation. Again, great job!