Riverside Wharf Up For Vote, Would Include Four Restaurants

Miami commissioners could give their final approval tomorrow for the Riverside Wharf project.

If built, the project will include four new restaurants on the Miami River, including a Garcia’s Fish Market.

A total of 59,000 square feet of land would be used, some owned by taxpayers and some owned by the developer.

Although the city manager has opposed the plan to lease the land, commissioners voted to approve the deal in a first reading last month. City officials aren’t sure if they are getting fair value for the land, or who even owns it (the lease is for just $195,000 per year with CPI adjustments, plus 15% of gross rent.)

City voters must also approve the plan in March.



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Interesting article. This past weekend after hearing about Beckham’s new Stadium, my business partners and I drove to this area and found out a number of things. The current Garcia’s Fish Market is two blocks away from where the stadium is going to be. Right next to it there is the Casablanca Fish Market and Restaurant, which by the way has amazing food, and right next to them is River Spice a very chic bar that had Ferraris and Lamborghinis parked right in front. I think this project will be amazing! We will finally have a Riverwalk and it will create a safe walk to the new Stadium from Brickell, which by the way is only 1 mile away from the Latitude Condo.


Great idea but baaaaad design; looks dated already


Omg…the design could be better


This area isn’t really that close to the proposed stadium which is part of the Culmer neighborhood. This part is more of an extension of the downtown CBD. This area right now is the CBD’s “skid row” right under the bridge. Any sort of development would hopefully make it safer and less blighted.


Right but apparently everyone is clumping it all together.


North River Drive is going to be the place to be in a few years..


Maybe for stadium related business, like the restaurant speculators proposing this groundlease, but probably not so good for residential neighbors. The soccer stadium (traffic, noise, drunken patrons) may take away any upside the area had as escalating prices on Brickell pushed development westward. This area will probably be bypassed.


Have you ever even been to the area? Flagger on the River just got finished and it looks great! As far as your soccer comments, that makes absolutely no sense. There are only 17 home games out of 365 days per year, that means there will not be none of your – traffic, noise, or drunken patrons for 348 days. How is that bad for neighbors? Do some research before posting asinine comments.


To be fair, the stadium will more than likely book other games and events besides the MLS home games. It would really be a losing proposition if they were only using it 17 times a year. By the way, I take it Brickell is still a quaint quiet little village these days.


There is like 20 condo towers next to AA Arena, Biscayne traffic, the Opera and Museums, Bayside…etc…and more the merrier


This area will be the next hot spot of Miami. Chetrits River Project will also be across the river. I hope they will have water taxis to take people across.


Would be interesting to see what city voters think of this.


They don’t know who owns the land?


Proposed lease looks pretty bad for the city, with small rent and large contingent payment. Doesn’t smell good.

City should determine if a pack of restaurants is the best use for this site, especially as the redevelopment of the river bank is progressing rapidly upstream. It’s probably a silly question but is there a master plan for the City owned property on the river, or is it just up for grabs for the next politically connected developer, I mean entrepreneur?


Some stadium areas (i.e. Real Madrid Stadium) are completely integrated and surrounded by high scale apartment buildings right by Castellana Avenue top real estate in Madrid. It is all about the concept, underneath it hosts a mini-shopping mall, all year round restaurants, etc… all about planning correctly.