1,700-Room Marriott Still Aiming To Break Ground At Worldcenter In 2018

Two additional towers remain scheduled to break ground at Miami Worldcenter this year, with a third in 2019, the developer told ENR yesterday.

The three upcoming groundbreakings will include:

  • Marriott Marquis Convention Hotel (2018 groundbreaking)
  • Luma Apartment tower (2018 groundbreaking)
  • 110 10th office tower (2019 groundbreaking)

Contractors for all three have yet to be selected.

The developers are now prepping 57,000 square feet of retail at the base of Paramount parking garage for buildout. A total of 140,000 square feet of retail now under construction, including at the base of the Caoba apartment tower.



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Still liked the first design for this Marriott Marquis. That first design fit the name perfectly too, but oh well. Glad this is moving forward.


Yeah, that curved tower was really striking compared to what they settled on.


Indeed it was. It was a beauty.


Ueah I totally agree with you guys but also this piece of the puzzle is crucial for the success of the project. Whatever the outcome is, there’s a need for a major convention hotel in the area


The convention center right next to brightline will be a gamechanger and introduce the density needed to fill out parkwest, overtwown east of 95, and hopefully spill over into downtown, cant wait to see it all come together!!


So it’s supposed to break ground in the next 3 months but they have yet to select a contractor…

This project has been missing the financial backing forever and it’s clear by the snail’s pace.


In the next 4* months. But I agree about the no contractor part.


It’s impossible for a project this size and magnitude to break ground within 4 months without a contractor in place.
Not holding my breath for this.


At most they’re going to push some dirt around.


Less conventions at the Airport conventionw center once its finished, can’t wait till its finished.


The airport market is completely different. I think this project can compete with Atlanta, Houston, Orlando and New Orleans. If built, this will give Miami a major domestic tourist boom. About time…


Coming in 2026: the MWC Fairfield Inn Convention Center.


Build the convention center first, and come back for the hotel with better architecture, like the last old proposals.