32-Story Metro Edgewater Gets FAA Approval To Install Tower Crane For Construction

Another large project in Edgewater could soon begin construction.

Metro Edgewater is planned as a 32-story tower on 31st Street next to the Paraiso Bay complex.

The tower is proposed to include 279 units that the developer says will be a magnet for millennials and young professionals.

According to an approval letter issued by the Federal Aviation Administration, the construction crane will rise 490 feet above ground, or 498 feet above sea level. The construction schedule lists a start date beginning in January 2021, with Fortis Design and Build overseeing construction.

The tower itself has a permanent height of 373 feet.

Developers of the project told Miami Planning officials last year that they are taking particular care to design the ground level, including building a pedestrian promenade.

City records show that a building permit was applied for earlier this year, but has yet to be approved.