36th Street Rail Crossing To Be Eliminated As FDOT Plans To Reconfigure Intersection

Transportation planners are considering closure of the north-south railway crossing at Northeast 36 Street, city records show.

(The east-west crossing may be staying open).

Instead, a new crossing will be opened at Northeast 42 Street, in order to improve access to the Design District.

Company policy of the Florida East Coast Railroad requires that two crossings be closed for every new one opened, so another closure is being demanded in order to open the 42 Street crossing.

The second closure is proposed to be at Northeast 2 Avenue, between Northeast 71 Street and Northeast 73 Street. A traffic study funded by the Miami Design District showed no adverse effects from the closure.

Miami commissioners are scheduled to vote on the closures at a June 28 meeting.

The city’s Office of Capital Improvements hosted a public meeting at Athalie Range Park regarding the proposed removal of the railroad crossings on April 19. No concerns were raised by the public, the proposed city resolution states.

Separately, commissioners will vote on a new deal for a pedestrian bridge above the tracks at Northwest 17th Street to improve access to Dorsey Park.


Background of Item: As part of proposed improvements for traffic circulation near the Miami Design District a new railroad crossing is being proposed at NE 42nd Street connecting NE 2nd Avenue to East Dixie Highway. Additionally the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) in conjunction with Miami-Dade Department of Public Works are working on roadway, signalization and railroad crossing improvements at the NE 2nd Avenue/NE 36th Street/East Dixie Highway intersection. The Florida East Coast Railroad requires that for every new railroad crossing built, two must be eliminated. One crossing being that at NE Miami Court and the other crossing will be North and South bound along NE 2nd Avenue at the NE 36th Street crossing. On April 19, 2018 a public meeting was hosted by the Office of Capital Improvements at Athalie Range Park from 7:00pm to 8:00pm for the proposed closure at NE Miami Court. Seven residents attended the meeting and none voiced concerns in favor or against the roadway closure. Additionally, a study of the closure was conducted by a third party and determined that the impact of closing NE Miami Court under existing conditions to adjacent North/South bound roadways would operate at acceptable levels of service.


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Double tracking was recently completed to allow for Brightline service:

Cars are regularly stopped on the tracks due to heavy traffic congestion:

A sign says that pedestrians are prohibited. Brightline’s parent company owns the right-of-way and arrests pedestrians for trespassing in some areas:



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The writer of this report must have gotten this wrong. There is no way 36th street is being closed.


The quickest Miami install and repaving i’ve ever seen in Miami was on 36st in front of target. If 36st is closed then a already gridlock junction would be mind numbing horrible.


it does sound nuts, but the city doesn’t know what to do about the congestion and backup which occurs there. they never widened NE 36th down by biscayne. So, don’t assume it’s not accurate!


There is a north-south cross over that connects NE 2 Ave. the problem with the solution is it doesn’t actually fix the issue. What is actually needed is an elevated crossing, either for the train to pass over the vehicular traffic or for the vehicles to pass over the tracks.


What exactly does this mean, They are going to reroute the rail?


I’m also not too clear on what exactly is happening.


I think it means N-S traffic running parallel to the tracks won’t be permitted to make E-W turns across the tracks. But I could be wrong.


Sounds like you won’t be able to cross the tracks north-south while driving along NE 2nd Ave. 36th St will still be able to cross the tracks east-west.

The second proposed closure would be in Little River on NE 2nd Ave crossing north-south along FEC’s east-west spur there.

Is a crossing at 42nd St needed? Sincere inquiry. I have no clue.

But whatever they do at 36th St, I hope it actually improves the intersection.


What it means is that traffic on NE 2d avenue going north by Midtown will be required to continue on NE 4th Ct. at 36th Street, rather than to continue on NE 2d avenue through the design district (which would cross the tracks). Conversely, if you’re coming south on NE 2d through the design district, you’ll presumably be required to turn left or right on 36th street rather than cross the tracks and continue south on NE 2d ave.


Seems like a gimmick… the crossing will still be there.


but if what you are saying is true, then the track crossing itself will not be closing. and, it says when a new one is added, two have to be closed and lists this as one of them. also, highly suspicious, there is a map without any markings showing what is planned and they had a neighborhood meeting w/ little warning and away from this. plus this study has no projections for future traffic it seems – really, in edgewater, midtown and wynwood which are growing by the day! super confusing and w/ our elected officials that usually = up to something they are trying to railroad through (pun intended).


And they are closing 71st street?

That crossing is needed, more crossings are needed, not less.


that’s gonna choke mid town


Is this part of the SMART plan? Because it doesn’t seem too Smart.


They should just close down all roads and turn them into canals like Venice. That way we can prepare for the inevitable street flooding from the global warming.


“Global warming” is sooo 1985. I believe you mean “climate change” and “sea-level rise.”

Why not build more storm surge sewers and unclog the ones filled with years worth of garbage, huh?


This shouldn’t be hard to figure out. Look at the map.
NE 2nd Ave runs North/South, except where it zigs a little at 36th street. They will eliminate that little North/South zig across the tracks. Probably requiring Southbound traffic to go west on 36th Street. And forcing northbound traffic to continue on NE 4th Ct. Without zigging or zagging.
The East West crossing remains the same, without the confusion or chaos of the zigging and zagging North/SouthBounders added to the mix.

Buy Faster

This is all being done for Craig Robins so he get get rich shoppers into the Design District quicker. For normal people this will suck.


Uhh, what? Are you sure? I’ve hear 59th Street… this would be crazy.

FDOT needs to hold some community meetings before any project design is started.


And they would take months to finish it.


months?????/…in miami????????studies alone will be 30 years


They held a meeting on June 19th


nothing listed on their calendar:

59th Street Valuable

NE 59th Street Crossing is quite busy and further the City Police Chief and the City Fire Chief would never give permission to close a route needed in the event of emergencies. With 32-40 trains blocking 54th and 61/62 Crossings police and fire need the 59th Street Crossing kept open.

NE 59th Street stays open

NE 59th Street Crossing is NOT being closed. It is too important to Police and Fire as an alternate route when NE 54th is in total shutdown gridlock due to the idiotic Eastside Ridge Scam applying for massive up zoning.


Wait, what? Would this mean 36th st just like ends at Midtown?


Is 36 street going to b closed at the tracks? We can’t cross?

A. Nonymous

That would mean uptown traffic on NE 2nd would be forced onto Federal Highway.
Going to eff up crosstown bus routes too.

Right Turn Only

Also vehicles going southbound on NE 2nd Avenue would be forced to make Right Turn Only at 36th Street.


It’s going to be very interesting to see how they’re planning to reconfigure the 36 street intersection.


Very Confusing. NE Miami Ct doesn’t cross the railroad.


Yes it does. Crosses north-south.


The street that runs north and south… and parallel to the tracks in the design district will no longer go south onto that crossing at 36st.. it will have its own rail crossing at nw 42st. Which should be a significant benefit to DD and midtown miami. (Win win in my opinion)

They are eliminating two crossings to accomplish this. One right there with that n/s corridor and another over by NW 71st… Which should benefit them also since it is mostly low rise industrial mixed with multifamily and sf to the north…


has to be one of the stupidest ideas ever. is this a dacra idea to get cars to wind closer to design district? who was paid off for this? more density in the area, more traffic, both of more planned and the solutions are: 1. eliminate one main E/W road and move the other from the very wide NE 36th St to one with many fewer lanes. And, when the cars end up over on NE 2nd Ave and NE 42nd ST, that is only 1 lane in both directions. They’ll get stuck there, winding through the small streets of the design district to get out of the parking lot which will be NE 42nd and 36th St. … hard to imagine anything as stupid, which means it is very possible.

Big picture

Craig Robins is behind all these moves. He paid for the (fake) traffic study. He wants rich people to get to his stores faster. If that is his goal he should fight the up zoning proposed for 37th and 38th Street properties east of Biscayne.


Reconfigured with consideration of a future Coastal Link station’s impact?


Not mentioned so far, but seemingly important: this is where the pop up Tri-Rail station is going to be. With freight, Brightline and Tri-rail eventually all passing through here, i think the goal is to limit the amount of cars going over the tracks. It’s definitely not an intuitive intersection, and cars are always stopping on the tracks (shown in the picture). As someone already said, the little road zig of NB/SB 2nd ave is the main issue, and looks like it’s going to be eliminated. This will help limit the amount of cars crossing on the tracks, which is always a good thing with increased rail service on the way!


Uh. This is a scam. There is no north-south crossing separate from the east-west crossing, and dryly reporting this as if there is is a disservice. They’re declaring NE 2 av “closed” so that Craig Robins can get another railroad crossing into his mall. There is already one at 39th, and in reality the one on NE 2 will in fact remain as anyone will obviously be able to make a right after crossing the tracks on 36th.

All that aside, I have no clue how they can justify closing NE 2 Av at 71st unless they plan a bridge either for the tracks or the road.

Trains are Loud

NE Miami Ct is east of N.Miami Avenue. N.E. Miami Ct between 71 and 73 is being closed. So Craig Robins can open 42nd Street.


Why not create a massive traffic circle along 36th Street and 35th Terrace to allow all traffic to be free-flowing in the area (with the obvious train interruption). Once they add additional trains in the area the current intersection layout will be difficult to navigate with constant crossings.


People can’t drive in Miami, let alone know how to use a roundabout and/or rotary properly.


The brickell traffic circle is a nightmare. I’m not sure about accident counts, but i am certain no one knows how to navigate.

Design District

This is all being done to get shoppers into Gucci faster.


DOnt get it. Can someone maybe draw it out for us? Napkin quality is ok lol