36th Street Rail Crossing To Be Eliminated As FDOT Plans To Reconfigure Intersection

Transportation planners are considering closure of the north-south railway crossing at Northeast 36 Street, city records show.

(The east-west crossing may be staying open).

Instead, a new crossing will be opened at Northeast 42 Street, in order to improve access to the Design District.

Company policy of the Florida East Coast Railroad requires that two crossings be closed for every new one opened, so another closure is being demanded in order to open the 42 Street crossing.

The second closure is proposed to be at Northeast 2 Avenue, between Northeast 71 Street and Northeast 73 Street. A traffic study funded by the Miami Design District showed no adverse effects from the closure.

Miami commissioners are scheduled to vote on the closures at a June 28 meeting.

The city’s Office of Capital Improvements hosted a public meeting at Athalie Range Park regarding the proposed removal of the railroad crossings on April 19. No concerns were raised by the public, the proposed city resolution states.

Separately, commissioners will vote on a new deal for a pedestrian bridge above the tracks at Northwest 17th Street to improve access to Dorsey Park.


Background of Item: As part of proposed improvements for traffic circulation near the Miami Design District a new railroad crossing is being proposed at NE 42nd Street connecting NE 2nd Avenue to East Dixie Highway. Additionally the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) in conjunction with Miami-Dade Department of Public Works are working on roadway, signalization and railroad crossing improvements at the NE 2nd Avenue/NE 36th Street/East Dixie Highway intersection. The Florida East Coast Railroad requires that for every new railroad crossing built, two must be eliminated. One crossing being that at NE Miami Court and the other crossing will be North and South bound along NE 2nd Avenue at the NE 36th Street crossing. On April 19, 2018 a public meeting was hosted by the Office of Capital Improvements at Athalie Range Park from 7:00pm to 8:00pm for the proposed closure at NE Miami Court. Seven residents attended the meeting and none voiced concerns in favor or against the roadway closure. Additionally, a study of the closure was conducted by a third party and determined that the impact of closing NE Miami Court under existing conditions to adjacent North/South bound roadways would operate at acceptable levels of service.


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