545 Wyn Office Building Proposed In Wynwood

Chicago developer Sterling Bay is proposing to build an office building in Wynwood.

The proposal calls for a 10-story structure with 209,050 square feet of leasable office space, with 10-foot ceiling heights. There will also be 28,436 square feet of leasable retail on the ground floor.

A 459 space parking garage will be treated as an artistic canvas. There will also be a ground floor retail paseo, and an indoor/outdoor amenity deck.

Gensler is the architect.

The proposal is scheduled to be heard by the Urban Development Review Board on April 18.

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Finally somebody is building offices…


Too many garages = waste of space once autonomous cars come online — And no you wont be able to retrofit these types of garages — that have ramp parking due to overhead clearance limits.

Plus a developer with the right sense will start to build “smart garages” to house the autonomous car and all their tech needs.

Wake up Miami.

– A still concerned Miamian


That’s 40 years into the future, what do you drive now?


Excellent.. 1. office space in Wynwood and 2. Chicago-based developer seeing the potential in Miami… industrial designs.


Whoa this is niiiice. Actually love the garage on this. This project is perfect for this neighborhood.


The billboard facing I-95 is disgusting. Can’t someone get rid of that shit on a stick?


Syphilis explosion!!!!!


Ugh everybody thinks their garage is 1111.


So true and so not 1111! Horrible mish mash from Gensler no less…


What a joke. Another huge parking garage in Wynwood. Why not build some rail transit and let the low scale, dense neighborhood continue to flourish.

Building parking garages encourages people to drive which will choke the area in traffic.

No forward vision in Miami.


This is a 10 stories building for God sake!!!!
You have an idea of the price they paid for that land???
Where you from Alabama????


Love, Love, Love it


I would hate commuting to that part of town!


Stay in Kendall

Needs parking

Needs more parking spaces. Wynwood is losing
business due to a lack of parking.


What businesses have left?


wynwood needs a 1k’er


this is just a parking garage with a 3 story office tower, this is no different than what brightline did


9 stories office on part, 5 on the rest. If you figure 200 sq ft allocation per employee (many companies use a lot less) that’s over 1000 employees. That’s a pretty big office building, especially for Wynwood.


They’ll enjoy the relaxing sounds of I-95 from the roof deck.


But Wynwood Brewing for lunch.


I would walk my happy self to J Wakefield instead.