649-Foot Estates at Acqualina Is Now Under Construction In Sunny Isles

Construction is underway at the twin-tower Estates At Acqualina in Sunny Isles.

Only the south tower is officially under construction, but foundation work for the north tower is also underway, according to The Real Deal.

Each 50-story tower is being built to 649 feet above sea level, the maximum permitted in the area.

$550 million worth of units have been sold in the south tower, with 100 of 154 units in contract. Sales velocity recently accelerated, with most buyers coming from New York and New Jersey to make Florida their primary residence.

Completion of the south tower is expected at the end of 2020, with top-off in December 2019.

A groundbreaking ceremony held last week included 25 Rolls Royces, a marching band, and a skydiver.



(photos:estates at acqualina)

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25 Rolls Royces for what exactly ??


Skydiver should of came down playing the saxophone… smh…


should have***


I like the architecture and colors.


This is like Century City for Miami. A nice mall with a bunch of skyscrapers in a nice neighborhood. However boring this may seem, more skyscrapers make this place look nice. I came on a plane into Fort Lauderdale and while I saw Downtown Miami larger, Sunny Isles Beach has made amazing progress, and it was like seeing a second downtown in the area.


Modern sleek looking tower with on old weird looking crown.


CORRECTION….an old weird…


Good product will always sell. It seems quite BORING though.


Not the views from the inside.


Agree… These two buildings couldn’t look more boring… You can get a hell of a lot more bang for your buck in other new projects with better designs than the boring aqualina projects including the water views… plus, you wont have to live in Little Moscow where with 90% of your neighbors speaking Russian and Polish. You pay $5M+++ for a unit in a new building in Sunny Isles and all you have within walking distance across the street is a rundown RK Plaza with sub-par tenants and a Burger King and a McDonald’s to dine…No Thank You.


The demographic in Aqualina doesn’t necessarily want to be in the middle of everything. They want security and privacy and don’t care about mingling with the little people.


Great, more snobs from the New York metro. Trumps gift to Florida..


Yea, they will bring money and create jobs down here….. what a horrible thing….


do the owners get a rolls royce??