7 Vacant Acres Could Become Omni Park In Sixty Days

The team that built Grand Central Park is proposing a similar plan on 7 vacant acres next to I-395 next to the Arsht Center.

Brad Knoefler wants to build Omni Park on the land next to I-395, currently vacant. It could be completed in 60 days, he says.

The proposal includes:

  • A skate park, similar to what was in place at Grand Central Park
  • Food and beverage vendors operating out of temporary structures, including shipping containers
  • An art zone, “zen parcel” and sound stage where concerts and events would be held

A gateway parcel connecting the park to Biscayne Boulevard is also included in the proposal.

Trees are already on the property and none will be planted (trees planted at Grand Central park created problems for the owner of the property.)

The Omni CRA is being asked to vote on $300,000 in funding at a meeting tomorrow.

Andres Viglucci first reported on the proposal.