92-Story One Bayfront Plaza: Demolition Anticipated 1H 2019

One Bayfront Plaza remains on track to begin construction in 2019, the developers said last week.

Demolition of an existing office building in the site is expected to begin in the first half of 2019. Construction would then take 50 months.

Dean Warhaft, chief development officer at Florida East Coast Realty, told the SFBJ that the office building will have a big advantage over other office towers proposed in one area – floor plate size.

Under Miami 21, office floor plates are limited to 30,000 square feet, which isn’t big enough to match what office and tech tenants demand. One Bayfront Plaza is grandfathered under the old zoning code, and building 36,000-square-foot office floor plates by modifying a MUSP.

The project also includes a hotel, retail, and rental apartments – and the market is now hot for all of those, boding well for the building’s prospects.



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Wish it wouldn’t take so long. This is the building I’ve wanted the most for the downtown skyline. Once this one is done, I can be satisfied, it’s in the most prime position of the skyline


I agree, waiting for 6 years will be torture. This building will give downtown a center of gravity if will


It’ll be more than 6 years. Sometime between 6 years and never, closer to never.


Sweet!!!…and hopefully finish by 2023 or so.


The loss of Stoupsy’s cannot be overstated.


Hopefully the pedestrian bridge makes it to the final design.

Yet Another Anonymous

Look how they show it going straight through the tracks to the platform, not possible. It’s a misconception that the bridge eliminates grade changes, it just shifts people from going under and up to over and down to the platform.


not their fault they put the tracks at that height


understood but at least you avoid the Biscayne traffic.


Another reason Metromover should be replaced with streetcars, which can be easily expanded.

Yohan Perez

Tibor Hollow must speed up this one like no other business so that he will get to see it before he dies.


I can see the headline 12 months from now: “Demolition anticipated 2020.”


Miami 21 strikes again


They should throw that carp on the trash heap… it’s just someone’s idea of how Miami should be designed anyway.


Miami21 is a form-based code which means developers can quickly gain approval for projects as long as they meet code. The way it works in other cities is you propose a single-use project then present it at a planning meeting only to have every NIMBY within a 5 mile radius spew nonsense in dementia-induced rages until you’re forced to sell to a vulture landlord who doubles the rent without making any improvements. Miami21 has been a massive success so far but zoning rules take decades to show any effect.


Honestly Tibor Hollo doesn’t look like he will be calling shots in 2023 so hopefully he starts earlier because doesn’t look like he will make it to 2020.


So another 6 years so how many years will that have been? Like 10 years? Is that the case in other cities like New York or is it just a Miami thing is the reason it take these projects so long to get built?


Don’t worry, you’ll be looking at 300 Biscayne before then.


I want to believe they Hollo is starting next year with this project but it starting date has been announced so many times for this project that I simply won’t believe it will happen not even if see the ugly current building gone, but until I see the new one on full blown construction. And I must say that from all the new wave of super talls, this is definitely my favorite.


Elegant, sleek, sexyyyyyyy. I love it. So unlike to the other boring, blocky crap being proposed.


So Miami 21 can also tell you how many square feet to a floor you can Have? No wonder we don’t have many office buildings.


I wrote on another article what a hinderer Miami 21 is.


On what website ?


30,000 sq ft is 173 x 173; 36,000 is 190 x 190.
I’m curious what office functions demand that extra space, other than a trading floor.
Hard to believe that’s the deal breaker.


@BDub Hopefully you’re not part of the people who made Miami 21


Well, we’ve gone from “starting early 2019” to “hopefullly late 2018” to demo 1H 2019. That sounds like getting pushed back.


I don’t really care anymore… I would rather see the Turks Lotus designed building and Liquid Lofts first anyway.


Liquid Lofts looks awful compared to the aforementioned beauties, is likely a flip.


I wish Hollo would bring back that first design, you know, the one with the hole in the middle. I think that was much better looking.


The original proposal was sexier but this isn’t bad.

However, taking more than 4 years for construction? Seems a bit much.


The Amazon logo hanging off the top would look great.