All Aboard Florida’s Striking Alternate Design For Station

All Aboard Florida actually unveiled two different designs design for a mixed-use train station last week: the first was revealed in a press conference to great fanfare, while the second and slightly different design was submitted to Dade County for review by the Rapid Transit Developmental Impact Committee. The discrepancy was spotted by exMiami commenter miadev.

In a letter sent to the county on May 21, Florida East Coast Industries Vice President Jose M. Gonzalez wrote that in addition to the elevated rail platform, the project will eventually include:

  • 1,107,000 square feet of office space
  • 1,111 residential apartment units
  • 327 hotel rooms
  • 177,400 square feet of retail space
  • 70,600 square feet of rail operational area

The first phase of the project is to include 546,000 square feet (including 177,400 of retail), with the remaining 2.7 million square feet to come in future phases. Much of the planned office space above the station could be flipped to residential, depending on demand.

The project is 100% owned by a subsidiary of Florida East Coast Industries.

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7 years ago

I tweeted AAF regarding the different designs and yes the one on their website is the final design.

7 years ago

Then I believe they made the correct decision

7 years ago

And all of this commercial and residential development won’t increase traffic congestion in Miami? All of the residents, employees, clients, and visitors will of course be using the mass transit systems. The best thing the owners of the old delapitated parking lots could have done for the city was to turn it all into greenspace. Now the developers are being revered for saving downtown Miami.

5 years ago

I don’t understand why some of us, who NEVER use parks or “green spaces” are always asking for them. If those delapidated parking lots were to be converted to green spaces they would soon be invaded by vagrants and the homeless who now hang out all over the area. The spaces would be deserted at after 6 pm, (except for the vagrants, the homeless and the prostitutes). In the morning, the stench of urine would overwhelm anyone passing by. Come on…remember Bicentennial Park? Any sculptures or public art would soon be covered in graffiti. The fountains or water features would be turned off for lack of funding. Picture it. I know you can.

5 years ago

Do you have a heart? Homeless people are humans just like you. Instead of talking bad about them, we should all be thinking how can we help them.

5 years ago

To be fair, IloveMiami didn’t ‘talk bad’ about the homeless. just the stench of their urine.