Two Hotel Brands In Negotiations For Project Across From Brickell City Centre (Updated)

Two major hotel brands are in talks to be added to a hotel project planned across from Brickell City Centre.

The developer is also working to pre-lease a total of 19,660 square feet on the ground and second floor.

Earlier this year, the developers completed demolition of the El Eden building. In June, they filed plans with the city’s Urban Development Review Board to build a 21-story tower with 264 rooms.

Arquitectonica is the architect.


Update: This article has been updated at the request of the developer.


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Starlite east motel needs to go asap…what an eyesore!!

Midside King

The value-add play there is being able to drive you car into a enclosed garage and pay by the hour….


The whole pay by the hour motel industry can move on to the west of 95 and add as much value as they want there…


You mean the new “West Brickell”?


No it’s already to expensive for them. Kendall or Doral (or somewhere else equally BFE) is the appropriate place for those motels to go devalue.


Is Studio 54 open tonight?




Interesting that these brands are on the cheaper side of their portfolio


affordable side*


What brands? the post was updated, but can you share here?


This is the hotel that will have a rooftop bar right? Great location.


Maybe so but I saw magic stars in the sky in my teens when I took my girls to El Eden Motel… great memories.


How many more hotels do we need in Miami and Miami Beach? I’m not against it at all, I love all the new development. I’m all for filling in as much vacant land as possible. I would just like to see more office space. I’m sure there has to be some companies that would love to locate to Miami.


Like Amazon HQ2?

Miami Hurricane



Yeah because it takes a lot of square footage of office space to buy something and do nothing year after year.


The pre-lease ground retail is interesting. Because the ground leasing for some of the newer projects seems, well, underwhelming. Large unleased space at Brickell Heights, i believe SLS Lux, and the new rental building that was just finished across from City Center.

Kevin Kingtana

Whats the reasoning for this? Anyone have an idea


I wonder when another upper tier hotel will come to Miami (Downtown/Brickell)… Four Seasons and Mandarin are outdated. JW isn’t “upper-tier”. East and SLS properties are hip, but not established brands.

Is it strange that Downtown/Brickell doesn’t have a hotel with the caliber of say a Ritz, Peninsula or Shangri-La? I mean Florida has the most Ritz properties of any state, more than any other country really, but nothing in the CBD?


Marquis and Beaux Artes are nice in the CBD. So is the Kimpton at Epic.


Those are in no way in the upper spectrum of the luxury market. I’m referring to properties that are truly world class, that compete with those in NYC, Hong Kong and Dubai.

Phil Clinton

The Mandarin is beautiful…sure it needs a reno, but it still blows away almost all so-called lux hotels in Miami…


Agreed, the Mandarin is iconic Miami… but put it up against say the Ritz Hong Kong, or Mandarin in NYC – its a joke.