Adler Proposes Mixed-Use Overtown Central With Up To 756 Residential Units

Developer Adler Group is proposing to build a mixed-use project called Overtown Central.

Adler is competing against Swerdlow Group, the only other bidder to submit a proposal to develop the lot known as Block 55. The proposals are in response to an RFP by the Southeast Overtown/Park West Community Redevelopment Agency.

Block 55 is across the street from 3 MiamiCentral.

If selected, Overtown Central would be built in two phases.

The first phase would include 378 residential units with a mix of market rate, workforce and affordable housing, along with 16,000 square feet of retail.

The second phase would include either a 300,000 square foot office building (which could house the City of Miami’s administrative staff, relocated by Adler’s Nexus Riverside project), along with 16,000 square feet of commercial or retail. A second alternative would include 378 residential units and 16,000 square feet of commercial/retail.

Stantec is the architect.


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Better of the 2 proposals….lets hope it doesn’t require 15 years to be built……




This looks far better than the Swerdlow Group proposal.


Hoping some of the mature trees could stay on that block.

The river is the future

That riverside project can’t start soon enough…the river it too valuable to keep rotting away like that!!


The Adler proposal looks a lot better and thus will probably not be picked.


Exactly lol just like a recent coconut grove project.

anonymous rex

infinitely better than the other proposal, at least it looks like it is from this century


TNM- I think you have the sawyers landing paperwork attached this link.. instead of the other central. I was confused reading the first article. Thanks for including it! Excellent reading.


I’m not a fan of what looks like cheap and nasty shifted grid windows on the tower’s facade in the second picture. Is Stantec back to making its usual crap for Miami again? Still, it’s better than Swerdlow’s, although that’s not saying much. Hopefully more comes out of this RFP.


There is enough available land an affordable housing demand to built both projects. Happy that The Related Group is not involved.


Wow. Nice airy slab work and if it’s actually affordable to actual Overtown residents, even better.


Love it!

what the heck

why can I not see a full render


I was wondering the same thing.


Render is a verb. The term is rendering. So annoying.


The other design is better imo.