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How To Advertise On The Next Miami

We do not directly sell display or any other type of ads, and never have.

However, your display ads can still be shown on The Next Miami via the Google Advertising Network.

You will need to sign up for a Google Adwords account.

In order to ensure that your ads appear on our site, we recommend following this guide on Google Adwords Managed Placements.

In your Adwords account, make sure that you search for under Campaigns > (Your Campaign Name) > Display Network > Targeting > Placements as shown in the image below.

When running the search, you should also be able to see separate placements allowing you to target the front page or article pages.

Under Targeting Optimization, the option “let AdWords automatically find new customers” should be unchecked.

Google will only show the ads of the highest bidder, and you will be competing for the spaces. To give your ads a better chance at being displayed, you will want to bid high.

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Search for on this page:


The Targeting Optimization box should be unchecked as shown: