After Two Years, Miami Has Non-Stop Flights To Italy Again

Miami once again has non-stop scheduled flights to Italy, after going two years without service.

ITA Airways, which is the successor airline to now defunct Alitalia, is operating the new service between Miami and Rome.

The first flights begin today, with an A330 departing Rome on its way to Miami this morning. It is scheduled to land around 4:30PM, and then head back to Rome around 7:40 PM.

During March, the flights will operate three times per week, ramping up to four and five times per week in April and May. Then in June and onwards, the service will increase to daily.

Still missing: service to Milan, which was operated up to twice daily before the pandemic by American Airlines and Air Italy.

American still hasn’t brought back its service on the route, amid an aircraft shortage. Air Italy has ceased all operations.