Aimco Files With FAA To Build 751-Foot Apartment Tower At 1111 Brickell Bay Drive

NYSE-listed Aimco is requesting FAA approval to build a tower on property they own at 1111 Brickell Bay Drive.

According to the filing, the tower would rise 751 feet above ground. That is slightly taller than plans that they had submitted to Miami’s UDRB earlier this year.

The project was approved by the UDRB in December, but Aimco was only granted a waiver for a 30 percent reduction in parking, instead of the 50 percent they had requested.

Aimco’s plans submitted to the UDRB included a 690-foot, 61-story apartment tower. It also called for the renovation of an existing building at the Yacht Club at Brickell into either apartments, or a mix of hotel and apartments.