Airbnb’s Most Wish-Listed Listing In Florida Is In Miami’s Biscayne Park

A small cottage in Biscayne Park is #1 most “wish-listed” Airbnb listing in all of Florida, according to the company.

It is also among the top 20 most wish listed listings in all of America, Airbnb said.

Paola’s Cozy and charming cottage is a 400 square foot space located in the backyard of a main house, with shared access to a pool.

Biscayne Park is described in the listing as the best kept secret in Miami, nicknamed “the birds sanctuary.” It was once under City of Miami governance, and was incorporated as a separate village in the 1930s.

There are now over 40,000 Floridians sharing their homes on Airbnb.

Miami-Dade is by far the most lucrative area for the company in Florida, taking in triple the revenue of second-place Broward last year.