All Aboard Florida CRA Application Hints At Downtown Station Plans

The company that is planning to build a 3-hour rail link between Miami and Orlando recently responded to an RFP by the Overtown CRA for a plot of land near a station that they are planning to build in downtown Miami.

All Aboard Florida proposes to build office, retail and residential uses, including a 24-story tower on the overtown parcels. It would be linked to a new Marriott at Miami Worldcenter proposed by MDM, as well as the All Aboard Florida station.

Regardless of the outcome of the Overtown bid, AAF still plans a mixed-use station on a large property that spans seven blocks in downtown Miami. The station will include retail, office space and residential. It will also act as a hub linking the Miami-Orlando rail service with metrorail, metrobus and metromover, with shops and restaurants inside the station.

Scroll down for the full AAF overtown proposal. Drawings are of the Overtown proposal, not the downtown station.



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Sean McCaughan

Can you guys email me this? Thanks


Peebles’ proposal score more points with the CRA and since he is from the community he will probably win this one.


this looks really good i hope that the redevelopment of this once historic district can be brought back it is not only a since of pride for the African American community but for all Miamians. This project should respect the heritage of the community and the needs of it’s current residents. A project such as this could bring needed jobs for an area that has been neglected for years and gutted by I 95. I hope that it will serve to bring about other mixed use developments with varied housing opportunities that can further serve the residents of this community and those that will be new to this neighborhood filled with history.


If this doesn’t wake up and jump start MWC nothing will.