All Aboard Florida Finalizing Plan for 3 MiamiCentral On CRA Property

All Aboard Florida has submitted plans for 3 MiamiCentral, a mixed-use development in Overtown.

The project is planned to be built on a CRA-owned 1.89-acre lot located at 160 NW 7th Street. The CRA approved a long term lease with the company in 2013, allowing a project to be built on the site.

According to the plans, the project will primarily serve as a parking garage for All Aboard Florida’s main MiamiCentral terminal project, which is already under construction. Parking will also be provided for the adjacent Lyric Theater and Black Archives, an attorney for the developer wrote.

3 MiamiCentral will include:

  • 1,114 parking spaces
  • 96,996 square feet of office space
  • 33,161 square feet of ground floor commercial space

Perforated stainless steel mesh material will act as a skin covering the garage. Artwork representing the African and Bahamian heritage of the area, as well as the South Florida environment, will be installed throughout the exterior.

Miami’s UDRB will review the plans at a meeting next week.

Aecom is the project architect. Design2form, a local minority-owned firm, is acting as an architectural consultant.


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