All Aboard Florida Will Take Delivery Of Trains In Less Than A Year

All Aboard Florida is expecting to take delivery of Siemens-manufactured rail cars in the third quarter of next year, according to Miami Today.

The company is also planning to launch a separate, new brand. The new identity will be rolled out next month, the report stated.

Service is expected to begin at the beginning of 2017. In addition to a three hour ride to Orlando, the company expects to offer service from Miami to Fort Lauderdale that will take just 26 minutes.


Update: All Aboard Florida has clarified that they will be launching a new brand, not rebranding.


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Yet Another Anonymous
6 years ago

That’s an impressive FTL to mia time. The detailed track plan showed 79 mph through virtually all of so fla, wite the exception of the last few miles into Miami. They would need to commit to this speed to make that time. With the exception of the lightest traffic hours, this will easily capture the elusive butterfly, being faster than driving even after all factors of both modes are accounted for.

6 years ago

This whole state needs better transportation options, with rail service to the major metropolitan areas.
The problem isn’t demand, people will ride trains if available.

The issue is lawmakers supported (financially backed) by road & aviation interests, which vehemently oppose any competition & SCREAM about subsidies, all the while benefiting from $BILLIONS of taxpayer funds used to support highway construction, law enforcement of the highways, airports, flight control, TSA, et. al.

The focus shouldn’t be on how much money any system “makes.”
That alley, street, roadway, interstate highway doesn’t make any money & requires millions to maintain.
The focus should be on providing travel options to the public.

Anoymous 305 (but you can call me Mike)
6 years ago

26 minutes ride from FTL to MIA = impressive? The 30 miles in 7 minutes from the Pudong airport to Shanghai now THAT’S impressive.

6 years ago

Hey, few other high-speed rail services are operating in the U.S., thanks to Congress only providing CRUMBS to the nation’s passenger rail service.
So many cry about “subsidies” all the while pouring BILLIONS into highways & aviation.

6 years ago

Context mike, Context.