Alta’s 198-Unit Quadro Begins Vertical Construction

Two tower cranes have been installed at the Quadro apartment project adjacent to the Miami Design District.

WPLG Channel 10’s studios were once located on the property. The former TV building was demolished to make way for the project.

When completed, the project will include 198 residential units, 27,000 square feet of retail, and a garage with 387 parking spaces.

Alta Developers is building the project. Down the block, Alta is a partner in the 2500 Biscayne rental building, where leasing is now underway.


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Lovely project.. I’m sure there will be critics complaining about the traffic on 36 street..

why don’t you move to Ocala..


I don’t get the reference to Ocala..


all the horse traffic.. OY !


one stoplight kinda town


You moron, I am sure you don’t even drive around there. Traffic is really a serious issue.


Yes idiot.. we get it.. there is car traffic on Biscayne.

Move to a retirement home.


I live/drive there. Traffic’s 100x better than Brickell. Not sure what you expect in the city…


He doesn’t understand that people sell and buy cars.

He also doesn’t realize that as cities grow, traffic increases.


beautiful…..the addition of all this retail is exactly what is needed


Great project to cater all the people that are and will work in the Design District… no need to have cars… walk or bike to work…. This is the urban living that Miami is becoming…


oh you mean all those clerks workin at the tom ford and fendi stores will be able to afford 2500$ per month rents??plus bills?


Walk or bike is nice.. except it’s not safe due to car infrastructure only.


I really like these Alta guys.


The traffic is that intersection is not for the people from the area …….. is for the fluid of traffic coming from all over the Biscayne Blvd ….. and btw Miami is a traffic City everywhere , and try to drive north …. boca or palm beach at pick our and see what you will find …..


Que cute!


The “Swiss cheese” holes in the canopy look strange, and I hope all the ugly angled balconies were dropped for consistent straight or curved ones. It could be a solid building, but the location still warrants something far more substantial, being between the Design District and affluent Upper East Side neighborhoods.

City Commissioner

I agree,its a nice design except the “Swiss Cheese” canopy, it does not belong in this building, seems like an afterthought.


Traffic is terrible at this intersection. Occupants of this building will be prisoner to the traffic.

Biscayne is in dire need of transit with it’s own dedicated ROW on Biscayne.

The tracks and connection are there, it is criminal that there are no plans for Coastal Link to start with the Brightline.

Light Rail *on* Biscayne from downtown up to at least 82nd Street as well. It’s smart urban planning so I’d give it a slim chance of happening.


Light rail on Biscayne would take years to build and make traffic far worse in the meantime.
You could start running the 93 Max every 3 or 4 minutes at rush hour almost immediately, taking 1000 cars per hour off the road.
Why don’t we do that? Because most folks would rather sit in traffic in their own cars than ride a bus.


True statement.. Miami is a car culture.. not a bus or train culture, unless you work on Metrorail line.


Car culture is unsustainable–you have to reeducate people
Never ceases to amaze me the way people complain about traffic yet oppose traffic solutions


LOL, it would NOT take “years”.


To build, no. That’s the easy part. The hard part is convincing the Carlos “Trains are 19th Century Technology” Gimenez types.

B Dub

I beg to differ, take the 2.2 mile streetcar line in DC as an example.

“The District of Columbia began laying track in 2009 … The system’s H Street/Benning Road began public service on February 27, 2016.”

We also have to include the Miami public works incompetence factor. Let’s be generous and call it 1.5 (e.g. Flagler Street downtown). That puts the project right around a decade.

I’m a line rail fan when it’s done right – dedicated right of way, grade separated intersections where possible. But we’re better off spending our limited resources elsewhere, like Baylink, imho.


The construction was finished many years before the 2016 opening date.


“Traffic is terrible at this intersection. Occupants of this building will be prisoner to the traffic.”

Where do people like you come up with these goofy sounding scare tactics?


Probably next door. Cheers