American Da Tang Files New Lawsuit Over CCCC Towers

Another lawsuit has been filed over the CCCC Towers project in Brickell.

American Da Tang and Shanjie Li are suing for breach of contract. They had a contract to manage the development in exchange for a 5 percent stake in the project, the lawsuit states.

A 2015 meeting where terms of the deal was hashed out was attended by Bernardo Fort-Brescia of Arquitectonica, Walter Defortuna of Fortune International Realty; Philip J Spiegelman of brokerage ISG, the Chairman and CEO of Coastal Construction, and executives from China City Construction, the lawsuit states.

The development is already the subject of a court battle in Hong Kong over control.

Earlier this month, the city’s Unsafe Structures Panel issued an emergency order demanding fill be placed at the site. An excavation over a decade ago removed two stories of dirt.